Lauren Shiba Releases For Power Rangers Battle For The Grid

A couple of weeks back The Viewing Globe received an exclusive first look trailer at Lauren Shiba, the latest Ranger to join Power Rangers Battle for the Grid.

Now Lauren Shiba is officially available for players to purchase digitally.

Lauren Shiba Joins the Battle!

In a press release this is what nWay had to say in regards to the release of Lauren Shiba.

Sweet, tough, and kind-hearted, Lauren Shiba took over the role of Red Samurai Ranger momentarily and led the team against Nighlok. Lauren spent her life mastering the sealing symbol in secret, while her younger brother Jayden led the Samurai Rangers until her return. After Lauren used the Sealing Symbol on Master Xandred, she relinquished her leadership role back to Jayden to finish the fight.

Lauren Shiba’s combat style is heavily influenced by traditional samurai sword fighting. From dashing in for close combat with her to her quick jab attack using the butt of her sword, this Red Samurai Ranger proves to be a threat even with and without her weapon drawn. In addition to her Samuraizer Sword techniques, Lauren will be the most agile ranger to enter the Grid thanks to her special dash mechanic and double jumps.

Players can digitally purchase Lauren Shiba on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, Steam, or Stadia for $5.99 or the full Season 3 Pass for $14.99, which also includes RJ, a soon to be revealed mystery character, along with the Phantom Beast King skin for Dai Shi, which is an exclusive bonus to the Season Pass. 

In addition to the digital release, Lauren Shiba is also included as bonus content to the physical release of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Collector’s Edition on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, which will be available at retail on October 13th for $29.99. Pre-order is now available at major game retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop. Those who pre-order will receive two copies of the Green Ranger V2 skin — one for themselves and one to give to a friend… 

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits current and classic Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse’s over 25-year history against one another in epic 3v3 tag team battles. The controls promote simplicity and fluidity, enabling beginners to enjoy the combat system and encouraging advanced players to delve into its gameplay mechanics, which include real-time assist takeover, dynamic defense through push blocking and aerial guard, customizable juggle combos, and a unique Megazord comeback mode. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid supports full crossplay across PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. More information is at

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What do you guys think of Lauren joining the Battle for the Grid roster? Are you excited to play as her now that she is released? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news and updates like this in the future!



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