Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 7 Photos Spotted

The best sources are always eagle-eyed fans in the ranger community. We have obtained photos from lightning collection detective @Martian_Ranger. The next wave of figures including the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, dino thunder red ranger, and a Z Putty Patroller.

So where did the photos come from? It looks like a seller from eBay displayed the figures and the prices of the figures. It looks like the seller has taken down the photos of the two rangers so far and only the Putty Patroller is still on the site.

Your First Look at the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 7

Here is what we saw when it comes to the head sculpture of the rangers, with this “new” figure of MMPR Green the head sculpt looks to take reference from the first scene we see Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver as he prepares to take on Jason. 

The figure also comes with a Dragon Dagger and a sword of darkness from the mini-series. This could mean that the only new creation is the head sculpt and use other figures from the 2 pack that was released earlier.


The next ranger is Connor McKnight from power rangers dino thunder the sculpt of him looks to fit but we will see what else the figure comes with the blaster and the blaster in saber mode. It looks like there will be no Tyranno Staff included unless it is hidden somewhere in the box.

The last remaining figure is the Z Putty which seems to be yet another re-release of the Putty Patroller mold but this time it has the Z Putty attachments from Season 2

Hasbro may decide to use their Hasbro Pulse Con to officially reveal the 7th wave and we may see high-quality photos of the figures. But until then we will just have to wait and see.


lightning collection

What are your thoughts on Wave 7 of the Lightning Collection? Do you plan to pick up these figures when they become available in stores? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news and updates in the future!



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