Cyberpunk 2077: Here’s How Long It Takes To Beat The Game

We know many of our fellow readers just picked up the newest CD Projekt Red title Cyberpunk 2077 and are enjoying the hard work of a game that was announced roughly 8 years ago. For those who have yet to pick up the game, don’t worry about spoilers from us, but that is besides the point.

There are some gamers and novices that are currently wondering just how the game’s story lasts. According to gamesradar+, “If you only want to play the main missions and absolutely nothing else, you can breeze through the story in about 15-20 hours.”

However, if you are the type that wants to hit every nook and cranny of the game and get your money’s worth, as stated by the article, it would take roughly 80-100 hours to finish the game in its entirety. 

Playing Through Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 screencap

This seems like the normal length when it comes to a game by CD Projekt Red. When looking back at the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, if a player were to complete just the story itself, the length of the game is 25 hours long. If a player chose to go through the game at its entirety, they would be clocking in about 100 hours of gameplay – not counting the expansion packs that came out later on in the game’s lifespan.

As mentioned before, Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development since 2012 and was inspired by many different movies, television shows, games and anime that were set in the cyberpunk genre such as Ghost in The Shell, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Akira, System Shock, Deus Ex just to name a few, The Game has become one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, let alone the last decade. Originally slated for April 16th of this year, the game was soon pushed back to September 17th. The game was once again pushed back to November 19th to fix some bugs in the game until it was delayed one last time to this week. 

What are your thoughts on the length of Cyberpunk 2077? Does it fit your needs with the story? If you already picked up your copy, are you enjoying your time playing it? Let us know in the comments below.