Future State Batman Unmasked By DC Comics

Batman continues to watch over Gotham City, but his name is now Tim Fox. DC is preparing to drop Future State and decided to give fans a look under the cowl.
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The Batman will continue to watch over Gotham City, but his name is now Tim Fox. DC is preparing to drop the new storyline crossover, Future State, and decided to give fans a look under the cowl of the caped crusader.

Tim Fox is the brother of Batwing, Luke Fox, and the son of Lucius Fox. The relationship between the three has been quite rocky, but it will be interesting to see this new Fox take a role in the Bat family. The variant cover of Batman issue 2 shows off the face of Tim as he fights as the Batman.

The story of Tim fox as Batman will told by “12 Years a Slave” screenwriter John Ridley and illustrated by Nick Derington, who has done work on Doom Patrol. This will not be the only Bat title Ridley will be working on, as he will be writing for a new entry in the Batman: Black & White series that will introduce readers to Fox’s sidekick.

It is not yet told if his partner will be a Robin, but the fact that Tim Fox will still be in the cowl tells us that the potential is there. Tim Fox has not had a lot of screen time like his brother and father, but he did make his appearance in 1979 and is being showing more in modern times. Tim made his return to Gotham to help his family after everything that happened during the Joker War story and this story looks to be setting Tim to take over down the line as Batman.

What Else Do We Know About DC Future State?

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The Future State comic event will have Fox as Batman as he and others from the Bat-Family fight to save Gotham from The Magistrate. DC has also confirmed that the one-and-only Bruce Wayne will be in Gotham during this jump to the future and will be working in the shadows in the comic line: Future State: Dark Detective.

The storyline is set to run from January and February of 2021 and will show off a new wave of heroes like Jon Kent, Yara Flor and Tim Fox taking over the roles of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman Respectively. The original trinity members will be in this future as well just on new journeys such as Clark Kent fighting to defend the universe and leaving the earth to his son.

The effects of the Future State comics have already led to new Brazilian wonder woman Yara Flor getting a live-action series as Wonder Girl for The CWverse. With news of Tim Fox as Batman, we may see CW and DC introduce a live version of Tim to fans of Batwoman and see him with brother Luke.

With DC making this choice and the arrival of new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder played by Javicia Leslie, DC is showing that like Spider-Man, anyone can be Batman and to see a Black man under the cowl will highlight that. What do you think of this new addition? Comment below and stay with The Illuminerdi for more DC news and features.


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