Superman & Lois Casts Adam Rayner As Morgan Edge

superman & lois - adam reyner

The Man of Steel and his family are moving from the hustle and bustle of Metropolis back to the Kent farm in Smallville on the CW’s Superman & Lois, and it looks like they’re already getting housewarming guests. The show has now found its Morgan Edge, the businessman who has been described as an “intelligent, […]

When Tom Holland Almost Couldn’t Keep Quiet About Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland Back to Back Spider-Man 3 Uncharted

The still untitled, Spider-Man 3, continues to grow and grow each day with many stars returning in some of their standout roles from previous movies like Spider-Man (2002) and The Amazing Spider-Man. With the number of rumored guest stars it may seem like Tom Holland could be pushed out of his own flick. Now with […]