Ranger Spotlight: Rorrie D. Travis (POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS)

In the first of many Power Rangers Interview Spotlights to come, I and my co-host Kent interviewed the multi-talented Rorrie D. Travis on my and The Illuminerdi’s sister Power Rangers page, the Morphin Network. Rorrie played the Red Beast Morpher Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Rorrie is the 21st actor to portray a Red Ranger.

He is also the 4th African-American actor to portray a Red Ranger. His season Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the 26th and 27th Season of Power Rangers. Power Rangers Beast Morphers was adapted from the Super Sentai Series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Besides being an actor Rorrie is also a dancer and a model. We interviewed Rorrie on December 13, 2020.

During the video interview, we asked Rorrie about his career journey into acting, dancing talent, and his amazing experience on Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Rorrie talked about how learned how to dance from his father who was a former dancer and choreographer. He then also explained how he got into acting  We also asked Rorrie about the audition process on Power Rangers and his training he had to undergo by former Power Ranger actor Mike Chaturantabut (Blue Lightspeed Ranger).

We also asked Rorrie what it was like in filming the three-part Dino-Crossover that featured the Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in Beast Moprhers. Rorrie talked about how it was a joy in working with the Dino Charge cast that featured  Brennan Mejia (Red Dino Charge), Davi Santos (Gold Dino Charge), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge), and James Davies (Black Dino Charge).

Then finally he talked about his unforgettable and experience working with the original Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Austin St. John. Rorrie explained that working with Austin was incredible and that he was a great inspiration to him and was incredible to work with. Rorrie also explained that Austin helped treat a small injury he had on set during filming. This is not much of a surprise as Austin St. John himself has medical training as a former paramedic and served as a health care provider in the U.S Military.

Rorrie also talked about the stunt training he had while working on an action scene. Describing the process Rorrie explained that during the first month of filming they would just do training and he and the other rangers trained with their stunt doubles.

rorrie travis power rangers

We also asked Rorrie if he like his character Devon was a video gamer. Rorrie answered yes and he indeed was an avid video gamer as he told us a list of games he played. Some of those games included Grand Theft Auto 5 and the NBA 2k series. We asked Rorrie about his advice to aspiring actors, actresses, and dancers. Let’s just say his answer did not disappoint and gave a lot of knowledgeable details.

We then asked Rorrie if he had any upcoming future projects. Rorrie answered that he finished wrapping up a short film with a production company called Suns Of Summer. Rorrie explained that his upcoming short film deals with the themes of Police Injustice, Social Injustice, and Inequality in today’s society. Rorrie also explained the film will also explore African-American culture, representation, and awareness. By the sound of Rorrie’s statement, this upcoming project sounds very fascinating and we can’t wait till it comes out. Then finally our interview ends with Rorrie answering fan questions on our live stream.

Rorrie’s portrayal of now Commander Devon Daniels as the Red Beast Morphers Ranger will forever be in Power Rangers history. Be sure to follow Rorrie on his social media pages. Also, be sure to click the link below to watch Rorrie’s full interview with us on the Morphin Network



Source: Morphin Network


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