Power Rangers #4 Review: The Omega Rangers VS The Villain Of The Week

Power Rangers #4 is an entertaining filler issue that never quite reaches the heights of the prior issues. 

Artist Francesco Mortarino and Ryan Parrott knocked it out of the park with the first three issues of Power Rangers. The story of Trini, Zack, and Jason’s adventures as The Omega Rangers have been absolutely thrilling. To get new readers up to speed, please enjoy my brief summary of the story so far. 

The Omega Ranger’s main goal is to take down The Empyreal, alien destroyers with the power to consume worlds. In order to complete this mission, the team kidnapped the villainous Drakkon right out of Zordon’s custody. After fleeing into space, the team did battle with space vampires known as The Horrid. 


Power Rangers #4

Issue three picks up after the fight with The Horrid, on Drakkon’s former prison/mental construct in space? It’s not totally clear. Unfortunately, this issue failed to effectively bring readers up to speed on the original story of Drakkon. This series is a relaunch and is normally quite accessible, so this was a fairly serious grievance. 

Power Rangers #4  serves to dig deeper into Drakkon’s mythos, and the story features a giant energy creature who takes on several animal forms throughout. Additionally, a clue to the secrets of the Empyreal is revealed. The key has to do with the Red Emissary, and frankly, I have no idea who that character is. 

Finally, the issue is brought to a close with an alien shoutout at a saloon, Han Solo and Greedo style. There’s a lot going on, and it’s all decent material, but it never really comes together. Yes, the energy beast looks awesome, and yes, Mortarino’s art is still to die for, but I expect more from this series than Power Rangers #4 gave me. 


Would I still recommend this issue? Of course. Without a doubt. I expect the high-concept, transcendental Ranger legend to return to its usual grandeur in short order. If you like sci-fi action, you’re going to enjoy this book. Just don’t expect it to melt your face off. 

While I didn’t understand the deeper meaning behind this dive into Drakkon’s world, I did find it to be quite interesting. At one point, Drakkon disappears, and I fully expected him to betray The Omega Rangers. But he returned, not to hurt them, but to help fight the enemy. His character keeps surprising me, and I’ve always loved Tommy Oliver, so the story still worked for me. 

I’m eagerly looking forward to the mysteries of The Emmisary, The Empyreal, and the gunslinger unfolding in future issues. You can find Power Rangers #4 online or at a comic shop near you! 

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Corbin Shanklin

Corbin Shanklin

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