Zenkaiger: Twokaizer’s TwokaiOh Images Have Surfaced!

The first images of Twokaizer's TwokaiOh from Zenkaiger have surfaced online, showcasing the 6th rangr's mecha.
Zenkaiger TwokaiOh 1

The first images of Twokaizer’s TwokaiOh from Zenkaiger have surfaced online.

These images are the only preview available so far that show Zenkaiger 6th Ranger Mecha. The Zords in this Super Sentai are a lot different than fans have expected, but the surprise is both positive and confusing.


TwokaiOh will also have the ability to change between two forms that each represent a different Sentai other than Gokaiger. TwokaiOh includes three Zenkai Machines in a set and all three are used for each form.

Zenkaiger and the Zords

Zenkaiger Twokaioh 2

The first zord in the trio is CrocoDaiOh, which is the main zord of Twokaizer. Many fans probably didn’t expect a crocodile, out of all the possible pirate theme choices, but in a way, a crocodile does work well as it may have been inspired by Peter Pan. This zord does match his partner well, which is due to the design of Twokaizer matching the teeth seen on the zord, plus gears do have teeth too.

The Crocodile zord is split in half down the middle for its colour scheme and has two core colours on it body, which are Gold and Silver. It also has blue and Red decorations on opposing sides, which is part of the different forms TwokaiOh has. It will form majority of the mecha, including the arms, legs, and body. However, it’s not clear yet whether it could combine with Juran, and the others.

Zenkaiger Twokaioh 3

The other Zenkai Machines are actually more like Mini zords. This is because they only form the head and rest of the arm, with a weapon, for TwokaiOh. These individuals are actually seen on the Ohranger and Shinkenger gears that come with the Twokaizer gear toys. Much like Juran, Gaon, Magine, and Vroom, both of these mini-zords are based on the main megazords of their season. What is also interesting is that this zord is a lot like Lupin and Patren X and his mecha from Lupinranger VS Patoranger.

First is the mini-zord that represents Ohranger, Rikki. This small blue zord is based on the Ohranger Robo and is a major part of the combination that gives TwokaiOh their Ohran mode. The zord splits in to two components, which are the head of the mecha and the weapon, while the other minizord becomes the arm. The opposite side of Rikki’s head is where the TwokaiOh Ohran head is positioned.

The second mini-zord that represents Shinkenger is Cuttaner. Based on ShinkenOh, the details of the lion in the chest and the shinken symbol are the main details you see in this red Minizord. Just like Rikki, the Shinken mode for TwokaiOh is formed with the head and weapon that this zord splits in to, plus Rikki who now becomes the arm.

The actual forms of TwokaiOh give an idea of how they will fight when combined depending on which mini-zord is used. The head of CrocoDaiOh is still included in both combinations, however, it’s great that its either down, or up to reveal a normal arm, based on which mode it’s in. ForOhran Mode, the weapon used is a Gatling gun, which is an iconic element of Ohranger. For Shinken mode, the weapon is a large blade that is more like a Gokai blade than a katana from Shinkenger. Whichever weapon isn’t being used in the combination is placed on the back of the waist of TwokaiOh.

This is going to be an interesting robo to see in future episodes of Zenkaiger, since the design is different from what some may have expected. What is confusing is that Gokaiger doesn’t seem to be represented like the other Sentai shows in this mecha, but maybe it has a secret form that gives fans that Gokai symbol.

What do you think of these new Zenkai Machines and TwokaiOh? Which form is your favourite? Are you enjoying Zenkaiger so far? Please let us know on social media or in the comments, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Zenkaiger Updates as they appear.


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