Zenkaiger: Twokaizer Arrives Earlier Than Expected

Zenkaiger Twokaizer Ranger

An episode preview of Zenkaiger shows the sudden debut of the 6th Ranger, Twokaizer.

This is a surprising development as the Pirate-themed Gold Ranger arrives earlier than expected. Not only do we see the new Ranger, but his identity and gear get their first appearance on the show as well.


The new Ranger represents the 35th season, Gokaiger, which was a pirate themed anniversary series that celebrated past Ranger teams like Zenkaiger. In most Super Sentai shows, any new or additional rangers that join a team of 5 usually debut around episode 15. It is a surprising development that fans get to see the 6th Ranger a lot earlier than most 6th Rangers.

Zenkaiger Changes This Time Around

Zenkaiger Twokaizer Debut

This is also unexpected, since the show just had the debut of the Dark Ranger in the show. The Dark Ranger is known as StaCaeser, who uses the GearTozinger, and his own personal gear, in order to Morph/Transform. The identity was already revealed to be Stacey, the Son of Tojitendo General Barashitara. The epic part about the GearTozinger is how it looks similar to the Zenkaiger Changer, Geartlinger, and that has the ability to Summon clones of Sentai Rangers and their Mecha.

The identity of Twokaizer is currently only known as Zox. It is likely that only in the new episode will fans find out more about him. Along with the preview is a better look at what Twokaizer looks like in the live show, which shows his suit having a picture-perfect metallic gold combined with black and red detailing. Zox will be played by actor Atsuki Mashiko, who has performed in productions such as stage play Kamen Rider Zangetsu and the Prince of Tennis Musical.

The preview also gives a better look at the new weapon in the show, known as The Geardalinger. The best part was being able to see the scale of the item and seeing the fantastic Pirate Helm wheel attached on the Changer. Its great to see how amazing the mechanical gear and pirate theme have meshed together for this Ranger.

With all these new characters and powers appearing so soon, it makes many wonder what Zenkaiger has planned for the show. Especially since the show hasn’t even got to the 10th episode yet. This is clearly one show that is going forward fast.

What do you think of Twokaizer? What do you think of these characters appearing so early? What do you hope to see in Zenkaiger next? Let us know in the comments or on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Zenkaiger and Super Sentai updates.



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