Project Nomad, The Canceled Power Rangers Game Pitch, Shows Off Its Concept Art

An open-world, Power Rangers RPG named Project Nomad was revealed online that was pitched and never made possible
power rangers project nomad art

An open-world, Power Rangers RPG concept was revealed online that was pitched and never made possible. The information was released on social media and originally was called ‘Project Nomad’.

The project was a AAA, Action, role-playing game design that started during the time Saban owned the franchise. Various concept art had been made for the RPG including Ranger designs, specific characters, weapons, and even preview images with a Zord appearance.


Project Nomad would ultimately focus on the history of Power Rangers and the co-op teamwork that the franchise is known for. The idea was to have different members of Rangers from across the Galaxy, uniting to take back the Planet of Eltar from the forces of Evil.

The Low-Down On Project Nomad

project nomad concept art - power rangers

This location is well-known in the Ranger fandom as the Home Planet of Zordon, the mentor of the original rangers. The location has also been featured in prequel-based comic stories, but Project Nomad would have been a marvelous opportunity to discover what the planet was like.

The Project Nomad game was first unveiled by Jason Bischoff, who debuted the information on Twitter and via IGN. Bischoff mentioned how the concept would be like the Batman: Arkham games that gamers have enjoyed, but more notably would have been very similar to the Gotham Knights title. This Arkham franchise game, revealed in 2020, features team-focused gameplay with batman-related heroes such as Robin and Jason Todd.

Since we heard about this idea so late, we may never see this concept come alive. Discussions with possible studios were revealed to have never gotten off the ground. Bischoff mentions this by stating in his tweets.

Jason Bischoff:

“While early talks with Devs/Publishers was favourable, ultimately time + big shifts in our business saw conversations around Project Nomad peter out. These things totally happen! The industry is built on ‘what could have beens.’”

Due to the game comparisons, it’s likely the gameplay would have been an open-world combat experience, which focused on the hostile takeover of Eltar, where the Rangers would probably stay in Ranger form to save. Its unlikely the game would have the ability to switch between civilian and Ranger form, however, its likely this could be a feature in story like the 2018 Marvel’s Spiderman.

It’s likely this game could have had a significant online multiplayer mechanic, that allowed a full team of Rangers to work together. This likely would allow a dynamic use of character and combat as players could create different team-ups depending on the Rangers they select. Since Power Rangers is a super-hero team, it would be right to assume that computer-controlled, or NPC, rangers would make an appearance in gameplay fights during single player, but because of the alien environment, having single Ranger missions would make sense.

Bischoff had the approval to create the pitch by Saban and expand the Project Nomad idea on his own. The idea was to produce a pitch that he could use, so that he could sell the game concept to producers. To create the pitch, Bischoff worked with some ‘Old Friends’ to create the art associated with the idea, and use that portfolio to try convince game developers to take on the project.

With all the various images released and revealed, this is the perfect opportunity to see them all compiled together and discuss their various elements. Here are the concept art images created for Project Nomad;

The Rangers designs included variations of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Team. This included various designs of the Red and Green Rangers, as well as all 6 Rangers featured in the series. Movie influences seem to be the inspiration in the designs as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1996 Movie, as well as the Power Rangers 2017 movie, all had armour-based designs. This is clearly what the artists for the Rangers in Project Nomad were thinking as seen in the concept art, rather than the typical spandex-based Ranger suits that are seen in the shows.

Other than the Mighty Morphin Rangers, Rangers from Alien to In Space seasons are included in the Project Nomad concept art. Specifically the Red and White Alien Rangers, Gold Zeo Ranger, and The Silver Space Ranger. These are curious choices, and they are later in the timeline than the dinosaur-related Rangers, but this wouldn’t be the first time that the video game story is different to the original series. However, since the Dino MMPR rangers have appeared more than once before in later shows, it could have also been a chance to explain how the powers were resurrected.

Among the concept art were different ranger Allies, which only included designs of Alpha 5 and Ninjor. Both are important characters to include in such a game as fans would expect both Alpha and Ninjor to be included, because of the related Rangers that feature. Designs of Alpha easily show the concept matching the original design in the show, with the proportions are getting an updated look. Ninjor has instead received various ideas, most keeping to an armoured design, but they have thought of a sleeker version of the Ranger-based ally.

The weapons that would have been featured in Project Nomad included the Blade Blaster Side arm, with additional weapons to pair with it. This also seemed to include a combining element that allowed new weapons to be introduced, and gained, based on a form of levelling system. Only the Red and Green Ranger had concept art made for the Power sword and Dragon Dagger, but its likely other Rangers would have had their weapon designs remade too. There are elements to the designs that suggest a similar concept to the fold-away weapons seen in sci-fi projects like the Mass Effect game franchise.

Villains included in the Project Nomad concept art only seem to have included Goldar and an unnamed villain, who might have served as the antagonist on the planet of Eltar. The designs were given a lot of thought when it came to Goldar, which is to be expected as he is a vital opponent in the early series. It also worth mentioning some of the designs looks like the Goldar Maximus design seen in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Unfortunately, the new villain designs only seem to include the overall concept image with Rangers fighting them.

There was also a plan to include the Zords, however, only the Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord had art created in the pitch of the game. It’s a great element to add to the game since Zords are just as significant to the franchise as the Rangers. It’s also great that they added a scale comparison, since Zords are huge and it would be so amazing to see them close-up as a Ranger. Also seen in one of the art concepts with the Zord is the Silver Space Ranger using his Galaxy Glider, which is another piece of gameplay that would have been so interesting to have.

Overall, this is such an overwhelmingly, exciting concept that slipped through the fingers of the fans. Jason Bischoff managed a tremendous feat to compile an epic game idea. Project Nomad would have been a different and wonderous concept compared to the mobile and fighting games we currently have. It’s a shame that such a concept was left behind, but hopefully, the awareness will cause an epic title to be created with Hasbro, especially since their Transformers brand has had great video games released over the years. Some fans, and Gamers, may even want a VR game to be made possible, but only time will tell.

What do you think of this Ranger Game Concept? Do you think Project Nomad was worth making? What do you think would make a perfect Power Rangers Game? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Ranger Content.


Source: IGN


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