Is The Exciting Game To TV Series Trend here To Stay?

the last of us game

The 90s and the early 2000s were times which games served as inspiration for a lot of movies – though most of them were quite bad. Fans of gaming franchises got to see names like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Mario, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Doom transferred into the big screen. Unfortunately, some of the movies mentioned cannot be unseen. They’re out there in the world, either on a piracy website or some street vendor in South America (instead of the garbage disposal).

The problem with most of those movies, in my opinion, is the lack of knowledge of the franchise, Hollywood’s dirty hot Cheeto crusted fingers, budget, and the inability of adapting the stories into one concise movie. A lot of times the first installment tries to fit way too much into it instead of taking their time to build up the lore.


The end result is a movie that is offensive to the fan base that waited to see it, and an enormous sense of failure from everyone involved in making the movie, which oftentimes led to the abandonment of the project as a whole.

Games Made For The Silver Screen

Luckily, there is another way to do these franchises justice. Don’t get me wrong, there is just as much room to ruin a game adaptation for TV just as much as you can ruin it for the theaters. The difference here, however, is the length of storytelling that TV series allow versus movies.

Most episodes now run from 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on what the director and writers are trying to accomplish for that particular episode. Depending on the network, seasons will run 8 to 10 episodes, or 16 to 22. Unless the movie is called The Lord of the Rings, TV series will have more hours to develop characters and plot. Once the foundation is set, endless possibilities open for storytelling.

The announcement of The Last of Us as a series got my synapses to fire at rates that caused immense headaches. So, to alleviate my brain from overworking, I decided to put these ideas down in this article to share with you. Here are some of my suggestions to HBO, Prime Video, Netflix, and any other streaming platform that is up to the challenge.

Down below I will be posting picture of games that I’d like to see as tv series!

Red Dead Redemption would make an excellent brutal western. Set in 1911, the game tells story of a father forced to tap into old bad habits by the government which has kidnapped his wife and son.
It would be absolutely EPIC to see Kratos and the God of War lore play out on TV. Make each season based on the games released so far and continue on from there. Ball is in your court, HBO.
I don’t really need to explain this one, do I?
Give me a Twister Metal series based on Sweet Tooth and his sweet appetite for destruction. Please?
Hunters, gatherers and machines. A perfect blend of Sci-fi. Horizon Zero Dawn has all of the right ingredients for an amazing series.
Ah, Halo. Memories of a time in which the Xbox chat would weed out the weak from the strong. This game turned a lot of boys into men, girls into women. If you didn’t have a backbone, you didn’t last long. A Halo tv series needs to take the same approach. Make it high stakes and make it brutal. The world needs this.

I could literally go on and on about this. Perhaps a second article later down the line expanding a little more on my wish list. I do believe that this is a great starting point. What about you? Which games would like to see turned into a tv series? Be creative and be specific! How many seasons? How many episodes per season do you think its needed to tell the story? Would you keep the story line the same, or would you spice it up?

Keep an eye on all of our social media pages. Who knows… maybe one day we will break an exclusive about one of these. If you’d like to see me talking about it a little more, check out the video below!