Becky Lynch Reveals Inspiration For New Heel Persona

WWE Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch reveals the WWE Superstar who inspired her new heel persona.

Becky Lynch made her return to WWE last Saturday at SummerSlam.  According to Wrestling Inc. she asked WWE to book her as a heel for her return.  This new heel persona is reportedly inspired by the Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


Rumors of Becky Lynch’s return started to circulate as we reported earlier and she wasted no time making her big return.  The scheduled SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam was supposed to see Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks, but that changed at the last minute.  Banks wasn’t cleared to compete so Carmela came out to Belair’s surprise.  However, Belair and the fans got double swerved when Becky Lynch’s music hit.

WWE Becky Lynch
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Becky Lynch hit the ring and it looked like the match was going to turn into a triple threat, but then Lynch jumped Carmella and squashed her and then challenged Belair. This left Lynch vs Belair which was quicker than a Goldberg squash match from 1998 with Lynch giving her the Manhandle Slam which is a modified Rock Bottom in just 26 seconds.  Thus Lynch left the ring as the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

A Heel Turn Lite For Becky Lynch

As far as heel turns go this was a pretty weak one.  The only thing that made it a heel move at all was interrupting and defeating Belair who is a babyface.  As far as the Reigns influence it is only the destruction and squash of Carmella and Belair which bore any resemblance.

She is set to appear at SmackDown this week so we will hopefully get the full new and improved heel Lynch.  It will be interesting to hear her motivations because before she left she was the hottest female babyface in WWE and probably in the whole WWE.

Going from babyface to heel can be a hard thing to do.  The interactions with fans, the way they speak, move and even their eyes have to change to make it convincing.  Lynch’s long absence will make her heel turn a lot easier for the fans to accept. 


The reason for Becky Lynch’s heel turn could be because she wants to challenge herself and change her character.  However, I think the reason is because her husband, Seth Rollins, is a heel so it would be easier for her if they are both heels.  This could indicate that they will interact or even team up in the future since their relationship isn’t kept secret.

WWE Becky Lynch
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What is surprising is WWE allowing Lynch to go heel.  She was the top babyface and universally loved by fans which is hard to achieve because wrestling fans are so fickle.  Also WWE likes to have one super babyface on their roster at any given time and with John Cena off filming TV and movies Lynch could have been that person.  I can’t think of anyone who fits that slot right now.

It would make sense for Lynch and Belair to start a feud, but Belair has an uphill battle because that beating was embarrassing.  Like something happened backstage and it forced that squash match.  Just a really odd way to have the championship change hands.

The Celtic Queen Is The New Head Of The Table

I hope Lynch goes all out into this Reigns-like heel persona.  I want to see her start calling herself the Celtic Queen or something and have a heel manager.  Someone like Sheri Martell, but it would be tough to find someone as good as Paul Heyman male or female. 

Is Belair a good first feud back for Lynch?  Is there someone you think matches up better with Lynch?  Are you excited to see a heel Lynch or do you think she is a better babyface?  Do you think Reigns is a good heel model?  Bow to your new Celtic Queen and leave a comment below.


Source: Wrestling Inc.


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