Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars Is An Intense, Epic Sci-Fi Drama

Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars is easily one of the greatest anime movies that features epic mecha combat with an incredible sci-fi story.
knights of sidonia in the stars

Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars is easily one of the greatest anime movies that features epic mecha combat with an incredible sci-fi story. Following on from the anime of the same name, this story finally grants viewers a conclusion to the story about humanities survival during their conflict against the Guana, a shapeshifting alien species.

Knights of Sidonia is an intense science fiction anime about the starship, Sidonia, with the remnants of humanity trying to defeat the Guana to secure their future. The Guana are an organic species that can travel in space without the use of machinery, and the first encounter with humanity was so devastating, the remaining few had to abandon Earth.


The only way to fight the Guana is by using space-based mecha known as a Garde, however the foe is far too formidable. Using the Sidonia to escape their fate, the last of humanity pull together their resources to find a way to defeat their greatest enemy.

Knights of Sidonia is primarily set on events following the series of the same name. Keep in mind that there may be spoilers below so if you wish to watch the full story first, you may find out certain parts too soon.

What Makes Knights of Sidonia Great

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The film follows the end game plan set to do two things; defeat the Guana that greatly threaten the Sidonia and terraform a planet for a new home for humanity. Tanikaze and Tsumugi are the focus in the movie, however, there are various key characters important to the story. Tanikaze is an extremely talented Garde Pilot and its clear from the beginning that he is a key character to humanities future. Tsumugi is a hybrid lifeform created from merging Guana with a human egg cell, plus she has an organic Garde-like body that not only makes her special, but also seems to balance the conflict.

The great highlight of Knights of Sidonia is the mysteries it uncovers about the past origins that go back to the beginning of the war with the Guana, including the discovery of the material, Kabi, that can kill Guana. Truths are also uncovered regarding the immortal council myth, but the story all starts with three contributors to the events.

The plan for humanity is to colonise Planet 7 that could be the new home for the future, but first must defeat that large Guana cluster that is in their way. Just as a high-risk plan is conceived to take out their foes by collecting a star’s energy for a cannon, a newly created hybrid body adds complications to the chances of success. Ochiai makes his return using a new Guana-based hybrid, which is made possible by secretly using Blood worms to make others do his bidding, unwillingly.

The action is fast paced as you’d expect from a high-tech mecha movie, however, it stands out among most of the same genre, which is due to how overwhelming the Guana are in combat. Especially since the loss of Tanikaze’s sister has allowed the Guana to create a new threat in battle. Garde-based Guana. Being too extremely fast and intelligent to kill, these new types were made possible as Guana can extract information from enemies they capture, meaning that now the threat is even harder to defeat. With Ochiai also wanting to save the Guana, to communicate and learn from them, the whole movie makes you question just how many humans will survive in the end.

Knights of Sidonia is truly a perfect series of tense events that grasp the viewer’s attention with every revelation. The combat, lores, and emotional dramas that unfold are completely worth seeing the movie without even seeing the series beforehand. From the heart-wrenching romance to the high-action drama, this movie should automatically be on any Sci-fi fan’s To-Watch list.

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