Digimon Ghost Game Already Exciting & Thrilling From 1st Ep

The first episode of Digimon Ghost Game has finally debuted and already the series is such a thrill to watch.
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The first episode of Digimon Ghost Game has finally debuted and already the series is such a thrill to watch.

The new anime series of the popular franchise has started with new Digimon paired with a whole new adventure. Thanks to Crunchyroll, fans of Digimon, in the West, are able to see this new series straight after it has aired in Japan.


Digimon Ghost Game is set in a modern city where holographic technology is everywhere. From big cinematic advertisements to little desk avatars, holograms are used for nearly all visuals. However, a mysterious phenomenon is the talk of the town, and social media, as ‘holographic ghosts’ have been sighted and even rumors of people being attacked.

The following below may contain Digimon Ghost Game spoilers so if you wish to watch the episode first, you can find the episode on Crunchyroll via the Simulcast page.

Digimon Ghost Game Sets The Scene

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The first Digimon Ghost Game episode begins with Hiro Amanokawa, a first year high-school student that currently lives in a dormitory since the disappearance of his father. All that was left behind was a watch and compatible USB cards, which turns out to be a Vital Bracelet Digivice V. As the rumour spread about a “Sewn-lip man”, an attack happens at Hiro’s school. The sighting and attack only happens with a odd phone notification sound plays and clocks begin to spin erratically, following with a voice asking “What Time is it now?”. Due to Hiro’s friend, Nomura, while checking out the site that was sectioned off by the police, the ghost reappeared and attacked both of them.

Only Hiro manages to escape and when he returned to his room, he finds dim cards on his bed and ends up using the device his Dad left him. This is when Hiro first meets Gammamon, and is informed by a holographic message, from his father to look after him like a little brother. That’s when the ghost Hiro encounters, reappears and attacks him in this room. Gammamon talks to him and discovers his name is Clockmon. Gammamon attacks him, they battle, and Clockmon runs after the battle, when Gammamon gains power from Hiro to use the move ‘Breaclaw’. The resulting battle releases the time energy Clockmon stole from his victims and restores them.

Already this series shows how exciting it is going to be for fans to watch. So much is softly introduced and it shows that there is more excitement to come. The action and mystery are perfectly balanced in this modern-themed plot. Already you can guess where the other two will get their Digimon, as Hiro had three Digivices and three sim cards. Its clear that they are already paired as only the gammamon card worked when Hiro put it in the Digivice he put on.

Hiro seems very collect and smart compared to those around him. This may be due to his father being an inventor, but you learn that is he used to be independent as his mother travels around the world helping refugees, despite his father disappearance. He finds himself helping Nomura often due him always asking for his help, as he is a very laid-back guy that seems to rely on his friend’s kindness to help him out now and again.

Gammamon is such a cute digimon that seems like a 5-year-old. He seems to know Hiro’s father really well but his instincts and fighting ability are as great as you’d expect. So far it seems that he is more of a close combat Digimon like Veemon rather than other rookies like Agumon. It’s too bad we don’t get to see his earlier Digivolutions, but its great how his champion form is being saved for a epic later episode.

Ruri only makes an appearance but Kiyoshiro is already part of the story as he is a Dorm leader on the campus, and a older student. Already you can tell that Kiyoshiro is likely to get his Digivice next as he is closer to Hiro. Kiyoshiro is quite a mix of personalities as he portrays himself as confident and intelligent, but he can only be nervous and superstitious.

Overall, Digimon Ghost Game has got so much potential and the following events are going to be so hard to wait for. This is clearly going to make fans run for those Vital Bracelets so they can have partner Digimon like the show. It was also awesome to see the plants appear in the room, like in the trailers for the Digivice V.

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If you wish to watch Digimon Ghost Game then the episodes will be released following the Sunday release in Japan. You can start watching the first episode by using the following Link.

What do you think of Digimon Ghost Game? Did you enjoy the first episode? Is there anything you are most excited to see? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keeping following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon content.


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