Minecraft Announces The Wild Update For 2022

Minecraft has officially announced its next major update, The Wild Update.
minecraft 1.19 the wild update

Minecraft has announced its next major update as a part of the Minecraft Live event that took place today. The update will be called the Wild Update and will be making various changes to biomes and will finally add the Deep Dark which was a feature announced for the Caves and Cliffs update last year.

Starting with the Deep Dark, the presentation went over a few features revealed last year and then announced some new blocks in the ‘skulk’ family that will surround the Deep Dark biome underground.

Also, revealed for the Deep Dark were these massive ruined cities for players to explorer that will include certain treasures that will be exclusive to the Deep Dark biome.

We also got to learn more about the mysterious boss-like mob that wanders around the Deep Dark, aka the Warden. The Warden is a blind mob so it cannot see the player, however, if the player makes too much noise the skulk blocks will detect the player and alert the Warden. The Warden will then emerge from the ground to try to detect and kill the player. The player can try to sneak around the Warden, however, if you are too close the Warden can also smell you to find your location.

The Wild Update Makes Major Changes to Biomes in Minecraft

Besides the Deep Dark, the major focus of the Minecraft wild update will be to update some of the existing biomes in the game by adding new features to spice them up, while also making additions to older features.

An example as to what these new biomes will look like was given with the Birch Forest as seen above. It seems in the concept art, some new plants and flowers have been added, as well as the trees being much more spaced out and taller than before.

One biome that will be getting a major focus will be the Swamp biome, which is in dire need of an update.

To start off mud has been added and as the name suggests it is just wet dirt. However, this block can be used in conjunction with dripstone to create a completely renewable source for clay. This will make building with bricks a lot easier.


Speaking of bricks, Minecraft will be adding mud bricks into the game, giving players another decorative block to build their homes with. One of the developers stated that they added mud bricks into the game because many international homes are built out of mud bricks so they added them to add an extra level of inclusiveness into Minecraft.

Another pretty cool feature that was added was boats… but with a chest inside! This feature is really awesome as it will make transporting items across the water so much easier, especially since they are making rivers much bigger. This will also help players down in the caves with underwater caves and rivers.

A new tree type was revealed called the mangrove trees. This tree type also comes with a new type of wood building block. They also can be planted underwater and just look really cool.

As for new mobs, revealed during the Minecraft Live event were frogs and fireflies. The frogs come in three different types: the default, tropical frogs, and snowy frogs. The default frog will spawn in swamps, the tropical frog will spawn in deserts as well as other tropical areas, and the snowy frog will spawn in snowy biomes. The frogs can traverse across lilypads as well as dripleaves, however, on the dripleaf they will slowly start to fall after a few seconds. Each frog is also planned to have a unique property to help the player.

The frogs also have another variant that being the tadpole. Tadpoles are of course baby frogs that will swim around in shallow water until they become fully grown frogs. The temperature of the environment they are in dictates what type of frog they will turn into. They can also be held in buckets.


Fireflies were the other mob announced and they add such a cool atmosphere to the game, especially at night. However, it’s not all fun and games for the fireflies as the frogs like to eat the fireflies in a cool yet oddly depressing animation for the fireflies.

Minecraft Live also featured the mob vote where views got to choose between three mobs to put into the game. The Glare who tells the player when an area needs to be lit up, the Allay which picks up items for the player, or the Copper Gollum which can press copper buttons at random to activate Redstone contraptions. Of the three, the Allay was chosen and will be added to Minecraft in the Wild Update.

Java Edition 1.19 – Minecraft Wiki

The Minecraft Wild Update is expected to release sometime in 2022.

What are your thoughts on the Wild Update? Do you plan to get back into Minecraft when this comes out? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more gaming news and updates like this in the future!


Source: Minecraft Live


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