Zenryoku Zenkai Oh: Ultrazord of Zenkaiger on Sentai Wrap-Up

New Gattai Robo, Zenryoku Zenkai Oh, is portrayed as the Ultrazord of Zenkaiger in the latest episode, which we discussed during the latest livestream of Sentai Wrap Up

New Gattai Robo, Zenryoku Zenkai Oh, is portrayed as the Ultrazord of Zenkaiger in the latest episode. Episode 31 featured the debut of the new robo and was the primary subject of discussion during the latest livestream of Sentai Wrap Up. During the show, there was also a discussion about Ultrazords in Sentai, along with other recent additions in Super Sentai.

For Timeranger fans, we talked about the 20th anniversary of the series, Mirai Sentai Timeranger. This event had already passed last year, but we didn’t see any merch regarding it. This may be due to covid but could have include the Timeranger jacket, as seen advertised with Time Red, as this was a desired item in the past and still to this day people would love to have it.


This may have been released by Premium Bandai and they could do other items for the anniversary, such as the Chrono Morpher and items relating to Time Fire.

Zenkai To Zenryoku


In regards of Zenkaiger, the spin-off miniseries, relating to Zenkai Red, will be released as a DVD for fans to enjoy and collect. Zenkai Red was used as a perfect way to highlight the difference between most Sentai shows and Zenkaiger. This is great for fans who may not have seen the couple episodes of this mini-series as the film also features the human-versions of the Kikainoid rangers. The Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Spin-Off: Zenkai Red Great Introduction DVD was released on the 13th of October and is now available to order.

As a turn of events, we also unknowingly uncovered the Blu-ray collection 1 for Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. This comes with an array of extras including the spin-off drama bonus discs, and a full-volume storage box as part of the first release. This will only be episodes 1-12 on two discs as the show is still airing, so will release the rest as the show continues the rest of its run. Zenkai Mame Theatre is one of the extras in the release and features plush puppet versions of the cast, including a desired Secchan that would be amazing as a plush. For more information, use the following Link.

Ultrazord in Sentai Discussion

The topic discussed on Sentai Wrap Up was Ultrazords in Super Sentai. There aren’t many of these large combinations before Zyuranger, however, seasons such as Jetman and Liveman did include them. The Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda was considered a great combination for a Ultrazord in Jetman. GoOnger was mentioned for having a insane amount of zords combined, but even with the great size, it does well to maintain proportions with a 12 gattai combination. There are some ultrazords that weren’t greatly designed including ZyuOhger’s Ultrazord, which had no proportions in the legs due to the cube-based combination. It will be interesting to see how Hasbro will tackle Ultrazord combinations for Power Rangers in the future.

Zenkai Toys and Customs

Created by a fan found on Twitter

Fan made creations are still appearing on social media, including a concept art of Super Zenkaizer combining with a Won Tiger version. Many will know Won Tiger from Dairanger, or as the Tigerzord belonging to the White Ranger in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This would have been an excellent Super mode for Twokaizer and the design could have be a fantastic representation of Dairanger. Even the details for the form were perfectly envisioned, including the Tiger head, the similar arm designs, and the Saba-influenced deco on the head of the Robo to mirror the other side seen for the Kaiju, Dragon ceaser.

Since many are already starting to get the toy release of Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon, fans are already combining them with the other robos they have collected. This included combining with the custom-made forms of the zords that represent other shows. These were previously shown before as a fan made variations for different series such as Tokkyuger and Gobusters.

The toy version of Zenryoku Zenkai Oh isn’t as great as seen in the show, which is understandable given the proportions that were edited to make it. Discussions of the formation also included how it was made during the show as a late concept and the first time use of motion capture CGI. Its amazing that this wasn’t part of the concepts before the show started and its likely the quality of textures was a result of lack of time. For more information regarding the last-minute addition of the Cannon, see the article in the following Link.

So much content found in Episode 31

Episode 31 had many debuts included in its content and managed to deliver many story-orientated events. The odd monster of the episode was Dairy world, who was a variation of the Bull world that was in a previous episode. His ability to fire milk was weird at first but instead covered, or overwritten, anything to make it white, causing computers, and even Secchan, to lose data and memory. This was clearly going to be temporary as defeating a world erases the effect, but still was a surprising twist for the power of this world. It’s a shame the effects were so easily removed since the result for this event wasn’t causing any true heartfelt moments.

In the show, debut action was seen from the Zenryoku Zenkai Eagle, the jet form of the cannon, which has an epic cockpit for Zenkaizer to enter. From the growing of the jet-based zord to the holographic-based cockpit, its clear that Lupinranger VS Patoranger had design influence. The combining method was also epic to see since there was so many wonderous visual elements included. The CGI fighting was great, but the texture quality could have been better as stated before.

Another reference was included for a past show, as the weapon of the Gattai robo was a reference to the Beast King Sword seen in Gaoranger. This saw the weapons of the Kikainoid Rangers combining to make the Gattai Robo’s weapon. The main element about Zenryoku Zenkai Oh that suggests he is a Ultrazord was seen in its finishing attack, which saw all Ultrazord-class robos as part of the strike. This is amazing to have as it represents the whole robo theme of the show better, along with the new Gattai robo including Zord attacks that were unleashed based on what type of Power was selected, using the giant gear on the chest.

Many story elements were also discussed including Zox’s intervention to fight Hakaizer, which featured him noticing how much he is like Kaito. For more discussed on the episode, watch the whole show of Sentai Wrap Up using the following Link.

What do you think of all that was discussed? Do you have a favorite moment in episode 31? Were you interested in the various Zenkaiger Merch, or even the customs? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more from Sentai Wrap Up.



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