How Power Rangers Could Improve The Next Sentai Adaptations

We discuss some ways that Power Rangers could improve potential Super Sentai adaptations going forward.

As Hasbro has made two Sentai adaptations for Power Rangers so far, there have been many new additions featured for each series. From new weapons to new gimmicks, Power Rangers hasn’t just reused the source material but has made sure that fans have even more to enjoy. Some new features are always great however there are some Sentai seasons where improvements can go a long way.

Originals within a Power Rangers season goes back as far as the original series. Many fans will remember original creations such as the Metallic Armor, the Titanium Ranger, and even the Morph-X key gimmick seen in Beast Morphers. There were also various weapons, Power-ups, and even toy-exclusive designs that were included over the years.

However, Power Rangers also changed events in their show for their fans, which was first seen for the original Green Ranger. This is because the Sentai version of events includes the death of the character, but the popularity of the adapted Ranger caused the need for a return, rather than an end.

As there are many opinions regarding what fans think could have made different Sentai shows better. For Hasbro, seeing this feedback could lead to improvements that would make the Ranger series stand out compared to its Sentai counterpart. The following below are improvements that could be implemented when adapting a specific Sentai season into a Power Rangers season.

ToQger has unimaginable Potential

The Express Sentai isn’t as bland as many believe for a train-specific series. Great shows are usually forged with brilliant lore and origins, paired with the obvious theme designs. Tokkyuger was based around Imagination as the foundation of the series, along with the Express Train concept. The same thing can be used for the adaptation as traveling around to different Ranger locations paired with their powers originating from light, or dimensional power like HyperForce could be used.

There also aren’t many power-ups and weapons featured in this series, which is a shame because of the gimmick. Since there are many different engines, from tankers to police-themed trains, abilities could be given if used. This wouldn’t be the first-time exclusive abilities were added as Power Rangers Dino Thunder included original powers, for civilian form, that weren’t seen in its counterpart.


Hasbro team could also design the Zords and Megazords featured in this series but give them a major design boost. The main Megazord that would benefit from changes most is the main robo, ToQ-Oh, since the proportions aren’t as amazing for the toy compared to the live-action version. They could also have fun designing new Zords and even work with the evil Zords more that were featured in the series.

Kyuranger’s many possibilities

Kyuranger has many storytelling possibilities and could be used to highlight more outside of Earth. Beast Morphers and Dino Fury did a fantastic job linking past seasons on the home planet, but there are many areas that feature outside of the solar system.

The space Sentai has the major issue of too many Rangers as the core team is formed with 9 instead of the default 5. This means that there is less time to focus on specific characters, which has even put off Simon Bennett for a Power Rangers adaptation. Because of the various colors, a team of 5 could be selected to be the core team, with a 6th selected and the rest as additional members.

For the additional Rangers, Hasbro could make them past Ranger actors returning. This will allow their story to already be in place to continue, while also, allow the series to focus on the expected development of the new team members. Tommy Oliver is a great example of this concept as Jason David Frank reappeared 7 years after the last series he was in. Because he was already established, the writers could focus on the new rangers more and still have further development for the legacy character.

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