Power Rangers Battle For The Grid: 6 Skins That Need To Be Added

Let's take a look at 6 skins we would like to see be added to Power Rangers Battle for the Grid.

nWay’s Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is a competitive fighting game set in the Power Rangers universe. The roster already has an expansive batch of characters, but more characters are bound to be added as the game continues to be expanded upon.

Here are six skins we would like to see come to Power Rangers Battle for the Grid:

6. Jason Lee Scott (Red Omega Ranger) – Power Rangers (2020)

In the show, when Jason, Zack, and Trini decide to leave the team we are told they went off to take part in a peace conference in Sweden. The comics change up this storyline and had the three become a new team, the Omega Rangers.

Jason and the other Omega Rangers were tasked by the Blue Emmisary to track down and imprison individuals empowered by leaks from the Morphin Grid. The team was later betrayed by their own Blue Ranger, Kiya. They even teamed up with one of the vilest Power Rangers villains Lord Drakkon against the Empyreals.


Jason’s new for could be used as a skin for the regular Mighty Morphin Red Ranger as his new moveset isn’t too different from that of the original. The Red Omega Ranger was also used as a skin in another nWay Power Rangers game, Power Rangers Legcacy Wars.

5. Goldar Maximus – Power Rangers Beast Morphers

This will probably be the most out of left field pick on this list but I think Goldar Maximus would be a really cool skin to be added in Battle for the Grid. The famous Power Rangers villain returned in the second season of Beast Morphers as a part of the three-part Dino crossover. Goldar was revived in the second part, “Making Bad”, and was given a new form, Goldar Maximus.

While Goldar Maximus was only in two episodes of the show and isn’t really talked about today I think this form would be a great skin for the base Goldar. He moves almost exactly like the original Goldar, so it would be pretty easy to just insert him. All nWay would have to do is create a new character model and call it a day.

It would also be cool to pit Goldar Maximus against the original Goldar and see who would come out on top (my bets are on the original).

4. Gia Moran (Yellow Megaforce Ranger) – Power Rangers Megaforce

power rangers megaforce yellow

This was probably one of the obvious picks for this list. Gia Moran is the Yellow Megaforce/Super Megaforce Ranger and it is honestly surprising that her original form isn’t in the game already.

Gia started of as the Yellow Megaforce Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce and was upgraded to the Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger when the Mega Rangers gained access to the Legendary Ranger Powers.


The Super Megaforce Rangers had a pirate theme which could make things weird when making Gia’s original form a skin. Gia’s SMF form has a move where she throws the Super Mega Saber in the air as a weird (but cool) lasso-like move. I think they could just keep the Super Mega Saber for her original form or nWay could even replace it with the Ultra Sword and have her throw that in the air.

They could also just explain it as Gia using the Legendary Powers to transform back into her original form and have that be the reason she keeps the Super Mega Saber.

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