Henshin Hangout Disccusses Gokaiger 10 Year Movie and Zenkaiger Episode 37 Reviewed

We talk about the Gokaiger 10-year movie, Zenakiger Ep. 37, and should Sentai be on YouTube during this Henshin Hangout
Henshin Hangout Gokaiger 10-Year Movie

The Gokaiger 10-year movie and whether Super Sentai should be on YouTube were the main topics of discussion during the latest Henshin Hangout. These were talked about alongside the review of Episode 37 of Zenkaiger, which aired at the start of the week.

Also, from the previous show, was the announcement by HyperRPG relating to the ranger franchise. Their latest addition to the family, Sentai Good General, is a Shiba pup that Zac and Malika shared on social media. This was such a cute event as the pair already had another dog named Kaiju, but it was awesome that they likely named their new family member after the superhero franchise.

Picture of puppy Sentai, as seen in HyperRPG’s livestream annoucment

New Custom Made Mech/Zord

We showed off during this Henshin Hangout, another custom zord was shown by our favorite creator, FuXm901. We have seen many brilliant Zenkai mechas produced by this designer. However, this time he had created one from the Kyuranger line. This model is based on the chameleon voyager, which was the Tokage (lizard) voyager. This was mistaken in the show as a gecko but is the 39th kyutama seen in the Kyuranger series.

Custom Created and Designed by FuXm901. Shown via Twitter.

Latest Shodo Figures

We also showed off the new Shodo figures during this Henshing Hangout. These new Shodo Gokaiger figures have been released and include accessories seen in the recent movie. The 3.9-inch figures include all 6 Rangers along with a bunch of accessories and also include the various weapons, Gokai Silver’s gold mode, and everything relating to the new Cross Armour mode.

This is going to be a highly desired set and many fans have loved the movie as much as us. It was agreed that the creator spared no detail in the figures as best they can, including having the new Gokai Gallon key in the changer. It is great how you are able to put on the armor pieces on each ranger or all the pieces on Gokai Red. As added bonus, you can also get a figure of their clockwork bird pal, Navi.

Gokaiger 10 Year Movie Review Discussion

A really fun part of this Henshin Hangout was talking about the 10-year movie of Gokaiger. It was a huge event as it debuted the return of an iconic cast, with much-needed power-ups. It also featured so many things we loved including the Super Sentai gambling system, the destruction of the Gokai Galleon, and the Cross Armor Mode.

The cast was so fantastic to see again as the main team are all as iconic to Power Ranger fans, as they are to Sentai fans. The legendary Sentai guests were also an incredible addition, even as some were hidden in plain sight.

A full in-depth article will soon follow regarding the epic Gokaiger return.

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Zenkaiger Episode 37 Review

Although possibly considered a filler episode, we went in it during this Henshin Hangout as it does explore character backgrounds. Flint and Magine are the focused characters as they act as big sisters to help a little girl. Throughout the episode, we also find out more about Flint and her inventor backstory.

The abilities of episodic threats become harder to figure out as seen with Daikon world. It took Yacchan to explain that the throw-away effect was due to the plant never being wasted. It’s such a specific ability related to Japanese culture but it worked out well for the girl trying to find her lost, hand-made doll.

We also see the magic-themed Sentai representation for the specials. Magiranger Gear was used and they debuted the use of the Magiwands for the Power-Up spell, which was oddly used to defeat henchmen.

The weirdest part was the use of Mystery Power for the Zenryoku Zenkai Oh, which summoned the Lupinranger’s Magic Dial Fighter. It was weird because of the appearance of Yacchan bringing out food to negate the Daikon material attack and the weird integration of green screen. But it made sense despite it all.

If you wish to see the full discussion of everything mentioned, including our discussion about Donbrothers, check it out here.

Next Henshin Hangout Topics

For the next Henshin Hangout, we will talk about the latest news regarding Donbrothers, Zenkaiger Episode 38 review, and talk about the best Sentai Family member characters. To watch this live stream live, use the following Link.

What do you think of everything discussed during Henshin Hangout? Did you enjoy the Gokaiger 10-year movie? Which part of Zenkaiger Episode 37 did you enjoy? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Henshin Hangout.

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