Kingsman 3, The 4th Film of the Mind-Blowing Franchise, confirmed to go into production fall 2022

Tailor your best suit and get your gadgets ready because Kingsman 3, the 4th film in Matthew Vaughn’s highly successful Kingsman franchise, will start production in Fall 2022. 
Kingsman 3

Tailor your best suit and get your gadgets ready because Kingsman 3, the 4th film in Matthew Vaughn’s highly successful Kingsman franchise, will start production in Fall 2022. 

While we don’t have any story details yet on Kingsman 3, director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn has stated it will again follow Taron Egerton’s Eggsy on what appears to be his final mission after previously appearing in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This is right on the heels of the long-awaited and delayed prequel The King’s Man, finally coming to theaters on Friday, December 22, 2021. Matthew Vaughn revealed in a recent interview for The King’s Man that “We’re all ready to go” on Eggsy’s 3rd adventure and that it would commence filming “in September”.

What the Director and Star of Kingsman 3 have to say

This should probably calm franchise fans who feared the worst upon Disney’s buyout of Fox a few years ago that Kingsman would get left in the dust as it’s not exactly a family-friendly property. When star Taron Egerton was asked about the possibility of Kingsman 3, he had stated,

“I’m not really allowed to say anything, but. There is a script…. It’s a really neat idea. That plan, at the moment, is that we’d really like to do another one, one more time….. It was the role that kind of started my film career so I’m always going to feel, you know, a great fondness for the part… I would like to do one more because frankly, I’d like to say goodbye to him [Eggsy] in a befitting way and to finish the trilogy. All good things come to an end. It was always imagined as a trilogy and I think it’d be great to finish the story off because I’ve loved playing the character”.

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Earlier that year, Vaughn also revealed potential plans for the 3rd entry and its characters:

“The end of this movie [Golden Circle], if you think about it: You have Eggsy’s definitely going on a new journey. Galahad, or Harry Hart’s going on a new journey. Tequila’s going on a new journey. Jeff’s (Bridges) going on a new journey, Halle (Berry), the next Whisky is. The next movie is what happens to these characters. They’re definitely not going to be doing what you’ve seen them doing before”.

As the film landscape becomes more and more enveloped in large-scale franchises, Vaughn’s promise that the Kingsman 3 will retain its focus on its characters sends a ray of hope for fans that the franchise will go out on a high note (unless The King’s Man ends up spinning off into anything). From the start, audiences were captivated by the Kingsman franchise by its mixture of strong characters, clever (if sometimes raunchy) humor, slick, violent action, engaging stories, and intelligent themes all wrapped up in crowd-pleasing packages.

Kingsman 3

Vaughn has also stated that he’d love to work with the king of blockbusters, who he moment is Dwayne Johnson, so perhaps Kingsman 3 could be the chance for these titans to finally collaborate. We at The Illuminerdi will keep you updated on all news regarding Kingsman 3 as it becomes available as well as any developments involving The King’s Man and any future it may promise after releasing exclusively in theaters on Friday, December 22, 2021.

Are you excited about the prospect of Kingsman 3? Are you heading out to see The King’s Man? Who’s your favorite actor in the Kingsman franchise? Let us know in the comments below and on our Twitter.


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