Akira Makes Legendary Return on 4K UHD BLU-RAY Along With Other Mesmerizing Animes

Akira makes its legendary return on 4K UHD Blu-Ray on January 18, 2022 from Funimation

Akira makes its legendary return on 4K UHD Blu-Ray on January 18, 2022, from Funimation

Funimation announces a wave of animes soon to be available on Blu-ray, including a 4k remaster of Akira. The iconic anime movie is one of the latest releases along with various titles also coming in January 2022. Fans will be able to add more of their favorite shows to their home collection in the first month of the new year.

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Equipped with remastered visuals and remixed audio, the iconic 1988 film, Akira, reemerges on 4K UHD Blu-ray™on January 18, 2022, from Funimation. The crown jewel of anime and science fiction will be accompanied by insightful behind the scenes special features, including an interview with director Katsuhiro Otomo, a look into the sound design and music by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, image galleries, original trailers and commercials, storyboards, and more!


Akira 4K UHD Blu-Ray

In the future, Shotaro Kaneda and his motorcycle gang tear through Neo Tokyo, a city divided by growing tensions. But when caught in an accident, Kaneda’s friend Tetsuo Shima discovers a secret government project and receives psychic abilities beyond his control.

AKIRA Special Features Includes:

  •  AKIRA Sound Clip (1988)
    • Music for AKIRA
    • Kaneda’s Theme
    • Exodus
    • Ethnic Meets Hi-Tech
    • Awakening
    • Mutation
    • Requiem
  • Director Interview
  • Storyboard Collection
  • The Writing on the Wall
  • Original Trailers
  • Original Commercials
  • Restoring AKIRA
    • Picture
    • English Voice Over
    • English 5.1 Audio Mix
  • Glossary
  • U.S. Trailer (2013)
  • Trailers

The Devil is a Part Timer Season 1, Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Season 3, Maesetsu! Opening Act The Complete Season, and more will also be released on Blu-ray and DVD in January 2022 as well.

Funimation Home Video Release Calendar January 2022:

One Piece Akira Funimation
Akira Funimation

All titles mentioned are now available for pre-order on Amazon. Visit for more home entertainment offerings.

There is so much content that fans to enjoy in the next year, any of these titles would be a great addition to their home collection. They would also make excellent gifts as people run out of ideas after Christmas. It will be thrilling for a lot of fans to experience an ultra HD version of the Akira movie, as the visuals are sure to be stunning in the remaster.

Will you be getting the remastered Akira movie? Which release from Funimation are you getting? Is there any anime you’d like to start collecting? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more anime news.

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