WWE No Longer Testing For COVID

WWE will no longer be testing for COVID moving forward.
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WWE will no longer be testing for COVID moving forward.

The world is facing the Omicron variant of COVID and unfortunately WWE isn’t exempt from its effects.  In the past few days some within WWE have tested positive and Seth Rollins is the only so far to come forward and admit he is positive.  With how contagious the Omicron variant is one would think WWE would double down on safety measures and testing.  However, according to Fightful WWE has decided to stop their twice weekly testing.

WWE informed their Performance Center staff they will no longer be testing for COVID.  This testing was mandatory and took place twice a week around television tapings.  It also came out that WWE main roster talent will also no longer be tested weekly.


The way it is stated it is not clear if WWE will no longer be testing at all or just twice a week.  WWE could have knocked it down to once a week.  However, it also is written like the NXT staff was twice a week and the main roster was once a week.  This doesn’t make sense to me why they would not have the same amount of testing for both NXT and main roster.  

We also don’t know if the staff member’s vaccination status is factored into the testing.  Perhaps the testing will continue if the individual is not vaccinated.

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The new ruling is reportedly not leaving those within WWE happy about the new policy.  According to Wresting Inc. the staff is already hit really hard by COVID cases as it is.  They are reporting that show producers are among the hardest hit.  A typical RAW episode has around 12 producers and they are now down to half that which obviously creates a bigger workload.

WWE Scrambling To Save The Show

WWE being short staffed is even worse when the Day One PPV is this Saturday and one of the co-main event wrestlers, Rollins, is out with COVID.  This past Sunday’s house show saw some last minute changes due to COVID protocols.  A Big E vs Kevin Owens vs Rollins in a triple threat match was changed to a cage match between Owens and Edge.  A match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair didn’t happen.

Lynch being pulled brings up an interesting question as to if she is positive for COVID as well.  She and Rollins are married and therefore spend a lot of time together.  This puts the Day One card in jeopardy, but CDC recommendations may have saved the day.


CDC To The Rescue!

New CDC recommendations state in this case talent who are vaccinated will only have to quarantine themselves for five days.  They must test negative for two days in a row in order to return to the squared circle.  This makes the quarantine a total of six days minimum.  Rollins announced he is positive for COVID on Sunday Dec. 26.  Which would make Day One exactly six days from his announcement.  However, we don’t know when he tested positive.  It could have been a day or two prior.  It doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room and most likely we won’t know until the day of.

WWE Liv Morgan And Becky Lynch
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How This May Affect Day One

If Rollins can’t make the match it will most likely remain the same minus Rollins.  However, the Lynch match against Liv Morgan is a lot more complicated.  Morgan is supposed to have her rematch against Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship.  This could be a perfect opportunity for a big return match of a Superstar who has been out like when Lynch returned.  The two big names who would be perfect for this would be Bayley and Alexa Bliss, but they may not be ready to return.

As of writing this the Day One card hasn’t change and still includes Rollins and Lynch.  However, Day One could turn into a very interesting PPV and I mean that in the best and worst possible ways at the same time.

What do you think of WWE’s new no or reduced testing policy?  Do you think it will change back to twice-weekly testing if more Superstars contract COVID?  What do you think WWE will do if Rollins can’t make Day One?  What about if Lynch can’t?  Leave a comment below if you think Morgan will win the RAW Championship this Saturday and if she is ready for the championship.


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