AJ Styles Coming To NXT: New Years Evil

After a round with Waller, AJ Styles is making moves on New Year's Evil.
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Is AJ Styles ready to rumble? Every once in a while WWE will remind the WWE universe that they have superstars that can hop through a multiverse of brands: namely RAW, Smackdown and NXT.

That’s exactly what we are being reminded of when it comes to what some would call the current program including one of the best superstars on the RAW brand and a career ending upstart from NXT: AJ Styles vs. Grayson Waller.


Yes, it’s not the first time that we’ve seen Superstars from the Red or Blue brands show up on the Gold & Black brand this year. Riddle showed up as a shaman for MSK, to help them get their mojo back and will be returning to stand along side them at NXT New Years Evil.

AJ Styles Celebrates New Years With NXT

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But in the current situation that is bringing a superstar back to basics if you will, is Grayson Waller shooting on the phenomenal AJ Styles. It is kind of weird how it started but when it comes to Waller it just makes sense. Waller is a brash upstart that just received a big push due to being part of team 2.0. Yeah the team 2.0 that took on the vet team known as Team Black & Gold at war games and demolished them. Truly embarrassing them.

The team consisted of Tomasa Ciampa, LA Knight, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano. The latter of which has not been seen again since he was ambushed by Grayson Waller after giving a heartfelt promo (what some would say sounded like a goodbye) on the episode of NXT that followed War Games. Since then Waller has been on a streak of going for big leaguers and either trash talking them or challenging them. He did both to AJ Styles, and with Styles never backing down from a fight, he answered the call.

The way Waller provoked Styles is the real focus. First Waller name drops Styles during a promo on NXT. Styles claps back on Raw and says he’ll be stopping by NXT to address the upstart properly. Then when the two have a face to face dueling promo where a few words were shared and it became more of a blended shoot.

It was clear the gauntlet was thrown down. Now we just needed to know as to when. That would be answered all depending on the outcome of Styles current feud he was in with his protege and personal colossus Omas. Yeah, you read that right. AJ Styles is currently in a program with Omas due to him taking Omas for granted and it coming to a head on a Miz TV segment on Monday night Raw, where Omas showed Styles just what he thought about how he has been treated as of late.

Which made for a match people have been waiting to see for sometime now. Well at MSG we had the match at a WWE live event. From all reports it was terrible. And may be the reason their match did take place at the following Monday night Raw. Dave Meltzer stated on wrestling observer radio that:

“The Garden match with AJ Styles and Omas, I was told, was absolutely horrible. So it is possible that they decided at the last minute, like, why put a horrible match on TV? So maybe that’s it or maybe it’s COVID, I don’t know. It was a weird thing the way they handled it, because they announced the match at the start of the show. And then all of the sudden later in the show AJ goes, ‘come on out let’s do the match’ and he’s not there and commander Azeez comes out. So, that was really weird and awkward to say the least.”

There’s no word on if Omos’ absence is related to the ongoing COVID-19 situation within WWE, or when he will be back in action, or when the AJ Styles vs. Omos match will take place.

Following that bit of expositional confusion we are brought back to NXT 2.0 where everything is coming to a head between Styles and Waller. NXT 2.0 show kicked off with Grayson Waller taunting AJ Styles over last night’s RAW appearance, and accusing AJ of trying to steal his clout. Waller then bragged about how he is the Breakout NXT Superstar of the year, and revealed that Dexter Lumis was not cleared to compete in their match tonight, but a replacement was sent out in the form of Odyssey Jones.

Waller ended up winning that match. It was what happened after the match where things got interesting, AJ appeared on the big screen, saying he got what he wanted on RAW – attention, but it was the wrong kind of attention. AJ then revealed that he will be at New Year’s Evil next Tuesday.

What do you think of this feud; who will win; and what will happen to Omas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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