The Great War on TikTok: Which Side Do You Fall On?

We are only two weeks into 2022, but TikTok is already experiencing the social media event of the year. Learn more here.
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We are only two weeks into 2022, but TikTok is already experiencing the event of the year.

The “beef” between “The Council” and “The Rogue” is taking everyone’s FYP by storm, while leaving many to ask what is going on.


Here are the highlights of events that have led to the war threatening peace across the lands of TikTok.

TikTok Wars Heat Up

It all started when Che Durena dared to share a secret about men and their pants pockets.


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But the leader of The Council, The Vanta Lord was not pleased with such secrets being shared and responded quickly in an effort to quiet The Rogue.

Thus The Great War of 2022 was created. Because as anyone would expect from a man so brazen to divulge such secrets, Che Durena was not going to go quietly into the night. In fact, he promised to reveal all secrets, destroying The Council once and for all. Which forced The Council to take even more drastic measures to ensure The Rogue would never speak again.


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But as The Rouge promised, another secret was published for all to see in the realm of TikTok. Content creators and fans watched with bated breath to see what would happen next. Leaving many to question where their own loyalties would fall. Would people side with The Council and help silence The Rouge, or did they also believe that secrets should not exist anymore?

At first a few seemed to answer The Council’s calls for bounty hunters, but none could get close enough to seal the deal.

It almost felt as if The Rogue was destined to be alone in his fight. A David and Goliath tale to entertain the masses. That was until The Historian, also known as Paharikawa changed everything.


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The line in the sand had been cemented. This was not just one man anymore. This was a growing revolt against The Council. As more bounty hunters failed, The Vanta Lord decided to change tactics. Fighting fire with fire, he shared a secret pertaining to The Great Martian War.

More and more started to rebuke The Council, siding with The Rogue. While many others pledged their loyalty to The Vanta Lord. Leaving a small handful of people, that would choose neither side. Check out AKeem of Zamunda for some amazing content regarding the war.

And like with any breaking news, TikTok’s most trusted reporter was there to break the story. V, also known as Underthedesknews, explained the unfolding events for the vastly confused population. As well as created a playlist that everyone should go watch for more detail of the key players and moments.

But this was only the start of it. For you see, this rift between men traveled across all of the TikTok fractions. We have seen connections to The MCU, DCU, The Whoverse, ESPN (Richard Jefferson), and Dungeons and Dragons just to name a few. But there was one fraction vastly missing. The female population.

Creator and Head Council of The Sisterhood, Blackpnwlady stated, “We stay out of the squabble of the petty Council.” That was the decision from three days ago, with other creators like Taversia following suit. However, like the tides that change with the wind, that decision would soon be altered. For a new voice would join the ranks to fight for power.

The Gay Auntie, also known as Shiningnathan, was the voice many had been waiting for. The Sisterhood quickly announced they would join the fight. While others started to change their pledge from either The Rogue or The Council to align with The Gay Auntie. Finally, the shes, theys, and gays had found their place in the war. And it took no time before The Rogue and the Council turned their fire to the new alliance. Che Durena, attempted to share a secret from The Sisterhood. While The Vanta Lord threatened one of their members with interrogation.

tiktok wars

But how will people know, when one side is victorious? Where is the finishing line? The Vanta Lord has decreed that the winner of round one will be called when the man of all men, Ryan Reynolds chooses an alliance.

This war has only escalated over the last week and as many are hoping, will continue to do so. For it is clear that no one wants this impressive, out of the blue, DND style game to end. In fact, many are changing their profile picture to match the alliance for which they dedicate their service to. While others are creating their own stories and backgrounds to be part of this creative collab. And as many fans have stated, the story line and character development is better than any movie studio has presented in the last few years.

This article is just a highlight of the need-to-know info. Check out the creators listed in this article and many others on TikTok for the full experience and story.