Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 2 Review – Alliances Broken… Already

Australian Survivor continues on! Check out our review for the second episode!

Moving on to the immunity challenge, the two tribes must dig a burrow in the sand for six barrels to be moved under a bar. They then must bring the barrels to a slanted wall where all but two of the tribe members must climb the wall. The two left behind hook the barrels to a rope to be pulled up to the top of the wall. Once all six barrels are at the top the people at the top must roll the barrels down the other side of the wall where they need to hit a pole holding a vase of water. The first tribe to knock down all three vases wins immunity.

Although it was a very close match, the Red tribe barely squeaks by sending the Blue tribe to Tribal Council once again where they must vote off yet another member of their tribe.

Back at the Blue tribe’s camp, Briana and Chrissy are on the chopping block. Chrissy doesn’t really do much to try to get this target off her back while Khanh is actually the one who moves the target onto Briana. Briana knows that something is up so Shay and herself start looking for another hidden immunity idol. Briana isn’t able to find one; however, Shay does end up finding it, but some of the other tribe members, including Khanh, were there when she got it.

Pretty much everyone now knows about the idol. Despite this, they still plan to put all of the votes onto Briana putting full confidence that her ally, Shay, won’t play it for her.

At Tribal Council, in a shock move Shay doesn’t end up playing the idol for Briana and she goes out with a 9-2 vote making her the second person voted out of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water. Shay even ended up voting for Briana at the end with Briana and Mark (for some reason) being the two who voted for Chrissy.

Episode 2 Highlight Players

In this section of the review, we will take a chance to take a look at some of the highlight players in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Those players are Sam, Khanh, Briana, and Shay.

Starting off with the only member of the Red tribe to be featured today, Sam. While we haven’t gotten to see much of her during the show (mostly because Red keeps winning immunity) she seems to have a pretty good grasp on the game at the moment. Targeting Kate seems like a good idea as they wouldn’t be making anyone on the other side mad. She also seems to have decent support for this plan. We’ll have to wait and see if she is going to be able to pull it off next time they go to Tribal.

Next Khanh, who was called out earlier for being a good social player and he sure proved that throughout today’s episode. When Chrissy’s name was being thrown out she didn’t really seem to do much about it. However, Khanh knew that Briana was going to be a much bigger threat down the line, so he decided to target her. This will probably end up being a good call as the game moves forward. He also absolutely dominated the reward challenge which could be a good insurance policy if his name comes up sometime during the pre-merge.

While Briana was the person who went home tonight, she didn’t go down without a fight. She was looking for idols and tried to convince Shay to play it for her, but was unfortunately unable to do so. If Briana were able to have made it a little further in the game I think she could have been a massive threat. However, she let that fact be known way too early on which ended up being her downfall.

Finally, we have Shay. Her gameplay really confused me in this episode. In the last episode, Shay and Briana seemed really tight and willing to take out Chrissy. However, in this episode that doesn’t seem to be the case. She helps Briana find the idol for the purpose of saving Briana and it seems pretty clear that all of the votes are going on Briana. But at Tribal, not only does she not play the idol for her, she even votes for her. She could have easily kept her ally and taken out Chrissy; however, she kept the idol and could be an easy target for the next episode if Blue goes to Tribal yet again.


Australian Survivor Blood V Water

Overall I feel that this episode was definitely a step down from the first. While both episodes were still great episodes of Australian Survivor this episode had some questionable plays from members of the Blue tribe. Chrissy basically deepened on Khanh to get the target off her back while Shay had the opportunity to save Briana but decided to keep the idol and will likely be the next target.

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