Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 3 Review – Mistakes Were Made…

Some major mistakes were made in the most recent episode of Australian Survivor. Check out our review for the third episode!

At the immunity challenge, the tribes must navigate through an obstacle course. They must then use an ax to chop down two poles and climb to the top of a slide. Once they slide down the slide they must run around a pole to unravel a chained box. They then must bring the box to their mat take out puzzle pieces that spell the words Blood and Water. The pieces must be put on a see-saw in the correct order to win the challenge.

The Red tribe struggles initially in the obstacle course but makes up their ground on the ax chopping portion. Unfortunately, they lose more time trying the unravel their box. This gives the Blue tribe the upper hand allowing them to win their first immunity challenge.

At the Red tribe’s camp, David immediately brings a group together to target Sandra due to her being a two-time winner. Three others will vote for Kate in case Sandra has an idol. Ben, a tradie, wasn’t a big fan of this plan, however, and tells Sandra that David is gunning for her. Sandra then decides that she needs to target David. Sam notices that David’s name has been thrown around so she tries to get people back on the same page to vote out Sandra.

At Tribal Council, David gets paranoid and blames Sam for throwing his name out. Sam is rightfully offended by this as she was the one who was trying to save him. After somewhat of a live Tribal, Sam goes around telling people to switch their votes to David. After the votes have been cast David decides to play the idol he found at the reward. David receives eight votes, Sandra receives one, and Kate receives three making her the third person voted out of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


In this section of the review, we will take a chance to take a look at some of the highlight players in today’s episode of Australian Survivor. Those players are Khanh, Sam, Sandra, and David.

Starting off with Khahn, he continues to show that he will become a very dangerous social player as the game goes on. While he was unsuccessful in convincing David to let him pick a reward, I don’t think anybody on that tribe would have been successful at that task. He later comes back into camp with an idol that he tells the entire tribe about and they seem to be completely unbothered by it. It is honestly really impressive. We’ll see if that ends up costing him later.

Sam almost did a really good job sticking up for David. If it weren’t for him shooting himself in the foot at Tribal I think there could have been a big possibility of Sandra going home. Unfortunately for them, things didn’t go according to plan and they had to shift the votes to David. Unfortunately for them again, David plays an idol and Kate goes home. While neither of her plans in this episode work, it wasn’t due to any fault of hers. If people had just stuck to the plan the Queen of Survivor probably would have gone home.


Next up is the Queen herself, Sandra. Once again she does the impossible and somehow avoids going home against all odds. She is able to make strong enough bonds to have people come to her when she is in trouble. While I am doubtful that she would have had the numbers to save herself, her social game is impressive nonetheless. Plus with David’s blunder at Tribal, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could make it through yet another of the Red tribe loses immunity again.

Lastly, we have David. It is honestly a shame as if it weren’t for his brutal mistake at Tribal he would have definitely been the MVP of today’s episode. I think taking Khahn on the reward was a fairly decent idea. He was able to gain some insight into his daughter’s vote out and gain a bond with him because of the super idol. Unfortunately, now that he’s played half of the idol, it’s unknown if the Water half will be put back into play.

He had a really good plan to take out Sandra and it probably would have worked had he not called out Sam during Tribal. David has really dug himself into a hole and it will probably be really difficult for him to get himself out of it. I cannot wait to see the aftermath in the next episode.

Final Thoughts on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episode 4

australian survivor blood v water

Overall today’s episode was incredibly entertaining. It was great to finally get to see Sandra play the game after being immune for the past two episodes. Khahn has definitely proven himself to be the current “main character” of the Blue tribe. We’ll see how long they let it stay that way, however.

David really surprised me this episode. He is a fairly decent player he just happened to make the motherload of mistakes at Tribal. I have no idea why he thought Sam betrayed him but he has really screwed himself over. It will be interesting to see if he is able to miraculously pick up the pieces in Sunday’s episode.

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