First Look At Rangers Revealed For Power Rangers RPG Proficiency Power

Check out the first look at the Rangers of the team has been released for Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power.
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Check out the first look at the Rangers of the team has been released for Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power. The new miniseries was announced by Proficiency Bonus as a new livestream that showcases the new Table-top RPG system by Renegade Game Studios. Fans will now be able to see what the Rangers look like in both civilian and Ranger forms.

The Power Rangers RPG rulebook was released by Renegade Game Studios on January 26th, 2022. The rulebook contains the rules and methods for creating your own team of Power Rangers, with the ability for fans to create their own adventure in a Table-top format. Using the Essence 20 system, dice are used to determine the success of attacks and actions of the Rangers against the Game Master who tells the story and controls the monsters the players face.


Proficiency Bonus announced the Livestream miniseries will be used to demonstrate the new TTRPG, which isn’t canon to the Power Rangers Official universe. that will feature a brand-new team of characters that have been chosen by Zordon and Alpha to become Power Rangers. However, these Rangers will have different colors and motifs to the stand team that fans already know of. Here is the first look at the full Ranger team featured in Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power.

Meet The Power Rangers of Proficiency Power

From left to right, the Rangers are named and cast as the following.

  • Evelyn Malkier, The Teal Ranger – Played by Iris
  • Will Rose, The Pink Ranger – Played by Joe
  • Dylan Aystrom, The Garnet Ranger – Played by Alex
  • Arthur Hack, The Orange Ranger – Played by Bryn (myself)
  • Beatrix Poroshenko, The Navy Ranger – Played by Terra

Zords Revealed for Power Rangers RPG series

The art was commissioned by Game Master, Michael Keltz, for the Table-top RPG mini-series and was created by artist CitrusRain, also known as Twitch streamer Sister_SkullKid. The Ranger designs revealed also show fans a glimpse of what the Zords will be for the Rangers, which includes the following in the previous order.

  • Parasaurolophus
  • Triceratops
  • Sabretooth Tiger
  • Spinosaurus
  • Pterodactyl

The designs of the Ranger are much more distinctive compared to the original team that the role-playing game is based on. It’s fantastic how the artist managed to make a unique design for Rangers that share the same basis as the original team. Seeing these Rangers perform will be exciting to see as it will be hard to guess what their strengths will be, compared to the stereotypes of the Mighty Morphin Ranger team.

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Alongside the art for the Rangers, character art has already been released that shows the Rangers as civilians. Each character was created by different artists, which have their own aesthetics and complemental visuals. Here is the art of each of the Rangers, in the prior order respectively, that will also feature in the Proficiency Bonus Table-top Miniseries.

The artists that created the artwork include the following talents.

  • Art of Evelyn Malkier – Created by Andy
  • Art of Will Rose – Created by Ash Jackson
  • Art of Dylan Aystrom – Created by the player, Alex
  • Art of Arthur Hack – Created by Mellani, also found on Fiverr
  • Art of Beatrix Poroshenko – Created by the player, Terra

All art is featured in the intro for the Miniseries, which was recently added to The Proficiency Bonus YouTube channel. Here is the intro for Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power.

The players and Game Master are all eager to start the story and debut the characters for the first time. It will be amazing to experience the first episode and discover how this team will fight against Rita Repulsa,  and her monsters, in this Table-top format. As a big fan of Power Rangers Hyperforce from HyperRPG, hopefully, the new Table-top RPG will create a buzz for the format and lead to more use in the future.

Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power began 5th of February at 9am ET, on the Twitch channel of Proficiency Bonus. The first livestream is 3 hours long, with the session split into episodes for release on YouTube to follow.

What do you think of the Rangers? Which is visually your favorite character so far? Are you looking forward to the first Livestream of the miniseries? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Ranger news.

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