POWER RANGERS: Does Amy Jo Johnson Hint At A Bleak Future For The Franchise?

The original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, has released a tweet that has fans questioning the future of Power Rangers.

The original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, has recently released a tweet that has many fans worried and confused about the future of the Power Rangers franchise under the hands of Hasbro.

Johnson released a tweet last night expressing her disappointment that the new Power Rangers Universe won’t feature or acknowledge the original cast of characters. This is odd as none of this information has been released to the public until now.

Very little is known about the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot as it seems that even Hasbro has no idea what they want to, with multiple rewrites being made over the past few years.

A reunion series between the original cast and characters has been rumored for quite a while now. However, nothing has come of this as of now. Perhaps a reunion special or series was in development and plans fell through and this is what Johnson is referring to.

After she received questions and replies about her initial tweet, Johnson released another tweet which really makes it seem that some things have fallen through behind the scenes between the original cast.

Analyising Hasbro’s New Direction For Power Rangers

It isn’t surprising to see that Hasbro is wanting to go in a different direction as we reported last year that they will be cutting their partnership with Toei after Power Rangers Dino Fury. However, Hasbro will still retain the rights to all of the seasons prior to Dino Fury’s source material, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, so they still have plenty of options to produce the show on the cheap side.


Although, it seems that Hasbro is hedging all of its bets on this new universe. Despite this there is still no script, no casting planned, and no production start time. All we know about the new universe is from rumors that it will release on Netflix and a spin-off series will follow.

Both the film and the series are rumored to be a more mature adaption compared to the current version of the show which is primarily targeted to boys between the ages 6 and 11. The new universe is rumored to have the same tone like that of a show on The CW.

While fans have been asking for a more mature version of the Power Rangers for years, it seems odd for Hasbro to do a reboot that seemingly completely abandons the past 30 years of the franchise. I can understand doing a new modern take, but throwing out everything that comes before seems to just alienate the fans that came before. Also, if they are trying to make this big reboot wouldn’t it make sense for them to bring in aspects from the original show to bring in the former fans?

To play devil’s advocate, the 2017 movie attempted to do that and failed. However, that movie was also subject to horrible marketing and was put up against Beauty and the Beast which went on to gross over $1 billion in the worldwide box office.

Overall it seems that no one has any idea of what the future of Power Rangers entails, and that includes Hasbro. Only time will tell as we see how this story continues to develop.

mighty morphin power rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stars Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott / Red Ranger, Thuy Trang as Trini Kwan / Yellow Ranger, Walter Jones as Zack Taylor / Black Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart / Pink Ranger, David Yost as Billy Cranston / Blue Ranger, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Green Ranger and White Ranger, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park / Black Ranger, Karan Ashley as Aisha Campbell / Yellow Ranger, Steve Cardenas as Rocky DeSantos / Red Ranger, Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard / Pink Ranger, Paul Schrier as Bulk, Jason Narvy as Skull, David Fielding as Zordon, Machiko Soga and Carla Perez as Rita Repulsa, Richard Genelle as Ernie, Robert Axelrod as Lord Zedd, and Gregg Bullock as Lt. Stone.

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