Titans Season 4 Has Officially Begun Production: What Can We Expect?

On February 28th, a producer from DC's Titans took to Twitter to reveal that season 4 of the series is on its way.
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On February 28th, a producer from DC’s Titans – which many know as a grittier and somewhat darker and mature version of Robin’s iconic DC Comics team – took to Twitter to reveal that season 4 of the series is on its way.

Though it’s great to know that the next chapter of the superhero drama is officially in the works, we are still left with a few lingering questions. When will the next season of Titans debut on HBO MAX, for example? 

More Titans, More Problems

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Of course, the latest season was a test in many ways to explore the level of quality and tone that the WB-centered streaming service can genuinely offer. Season 3, which wrapped its run last fall, saw the heroes relocate from San Francisco to Gotham City, which meant the stakes would be higher, and old faces would return. It all seemed great on paper, but the move to Batman’s city left a void struggling to be filled by the Titans. The story positioned our heroes to deal with a personal threat as Jason Todd ditched the Robin mantle and became Red Hood before being revealed to be working with Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. the Scarecrow. 


A modern-day twist and somewhat ingenious tactic from the team behind the series, but the execution was criticized toward the end of the season, which left fans nervous about the future of Titans going forward. For example, we saw Jason Todd become the Red Hood, played with finesse and ease by Curran Walters, a moment fans have been begging and waiting for.

Many felt the series’ flaws appeared with the troublesome writing and lack of appeal stakes, especially in the villains and antagonist Scarecrow, which led to a bloated and tired 13 episode drag that felt uninspired and struggling to find its footing. Of course, with the days of a turf war and the city turning against the heroes, it meant a rushed finale would transpire and undoubtedly did. 

Now, Titans is in its fourth season, which is usually a sign that the series will sink or swim. The series will go in a new direction by introducing a new spin and take on the classic villain Brother Blood. The Originals star Joseph Morgan was recently named a series regular to portray Sebastian Blood, a.k.a. Brother Blood officially.

In addition to Morgan joining the cast, Franka Potente has been tapped to play May Bennett, better known to comic fans as Mother Mayhem. Of course, there have been rumors that the series is looking to add Lex Luthor, likely to play foil, to the arc and character of Superboy. 

One of the writers and a co-executive producer of the series, Richard Hatem, shared via Twitter that production is underway. He confirmed Nicholas Copus as the Titans Season 4 premiere director. Other than HBO, MAX and DC have played coy about any new details in the story and direction under wraps.

A few things to look forward to are that a few new arcs could transpire, such as Donna Troy left the titans to join ARGUS, which has been prominently featured heavily over on the CW’s shared Arrowverse continuity. Or not to mention the Titans returning home to San Francisco with Tim Drake being among the ranks and being trained Nightwing to most likely suit up as Robin.

The mystery of Raven’s power increasing over time and longevity during each season could be a new plot thread that the series traverses if they tap into the supernatural element of DC Comics. As of now, details regarding Titans season 4 will likely begin to emerge sooner rather than later, especially now that production has kicked off, and that means leaks could appear or casting could break. 

Photo courtesy of WB and HBO MAX

Titans Season 3 is currently streaming on HBO MAX. As of now Season 4 does not have a release date.
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