Marvel’s Midnight Suns – PS5 Review: One Hell Of A Good Time

Marvel’s Midnight Suns find success by balancing the creative insanity and darker twist of Firaxis while donning a fresh coat of Marvel paint that weaves a sense of balance in crafting a familiar yet nostalgic template. Midnight Suns can be perfectly summed up from its experience and replayability, which is the RPG gameplay and the […]

James Gunn Reveals He Is Scripting a Secret DC TV Show

DC Studios co-head James Gunn has officially taken to Twitter this afternoon to reveal that he is currently in the process of writing yet again another DC comics TV series. And here at the Illuminerdi, we are super excited.

Get A Detailed Look At the MODOK Funko Pop For Ant-Man 3!

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quatuamania feels like a blend of marvel magic, a dash of narrative juxtaposition, a hint of Star Trek, and a little sprinkle of the Wizard Of Oz. However, the marketing, most notably the trailers, does seem a little tilter and gives off the impression that a few misdirects could be in for the store for critics and fans alike.