James McAvoy Denies He Will Appear in Doctor Strange 2

Could Patrick Stewart's Doctor Strange 2 appearance mean a cameo from James McAvoy is in the cards?  He says no.

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is shaping into an experience unlike any other, although James McAvoy’s participation in said experience is questionable. One thing’s for sure, though: the glorious trailers having showcased the brilliance of director Sam Raimi.

The latest footage and trailers may have even mirrored footage to conceal any spoilers, and fans have been debating the mysteries. At least there is the fact and reality that Sir Patrick Stewart is officially coming back to Charles Xavier. Though it looks like Stewart will be a variant and leader of the Illuminati, who are protectors of the multiverse in this narrative, instead of the one we love and cherish from the classic 20th Century Fox X-Men films. Doesn’t it all feel like a lifetime ago?


In addition to the annual Marvel spectacle and thrills, it seems Raimi and Kevin Feige are pulling out all the stops to keep the audience captivated and excited in standard Marvel fashion. Though one question that many keep wondering is if the Multiverse is officially open, does that mean everything is officially canon to the MCU? It’s safe to say that the original Sam Raimi Spidey trilogy and Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films are canon, but what about the X-Men films? Could that mean a cameo from James McAvoy’s younger Charles Xavier is in the cards? 

James McAvoy Sets The Record Straight

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Well, the answer was revealed during a recent Instagram Q&A, when James Mcavoy was asked if he would jump back into the world of Marvel films and actually appear in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Unfortunately, James McAvoy offered a blunt response in the form of a “no.” 

James McAvoy did touch upon the thought of a possible return before doubling down by saying, “No, I don’t think so” when asked if he misses playing Professor X in the “X-Men” movies. Of course, it’s clear to see and admit that after the response to “Dark Phoenix,” it’s not surprising to see McAvoy elicit this type of reaction, and from the sounds of it, maybe it feels like he’s moved on from this iconic role. 

It’s no doubt to deny that McAvoy was great as the character from his first appearance in “X-Men: First Class,” which was a great addition to the ever confusing and convoluted Fox X-Men timeline, or the fact the chemistry Mcavoy shared with actors such as Micahel Fassbender as Magneto was off the charts, but it’s clear that Stewart is considered by many to be the true iconic version or in this case a possible variant of Charles. 

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It does make more sense for him to take center stage here. However, the thing with Marvel Studios is that we have no clue how Kevin Feige plans to add mutants to the mix but is that a bad thing, though? It’s clear to admit and actually confess that a majority of the MCU characters have been perfectly cast, and some are mirror reflections of the characters gracing the panels of comics.

One thing to be sure is that the future of Marvel Studios will officially be breaking new ground going forth. Due to multiple Disney + series being in the works or revealed formally, or the revival of the prolific 1990’s X-Men animated series will be gracing our screens and homes sometime next year, or if you look closely at the recent Doctor Strange trailers. A glimpse of future properties can be seen but is Marvel planting breadcrumbs, or are they looking towards the future to something bigger and something fans never thought possible. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is slated to be released, with or without James McAvoy, in theaters on May 6! 

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

So what are your thoughts on James McAvoy? Do you think he’s telling the truth? Were you a fan of the X-Men films? Who was your favorite character? How would you bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four to the MCU? As always, drop a comment and follow us on social media. 


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