Five Leagues From the Borderlands on Pre-Sale Now

Five Leagues From The Borderlands, a new solo and cooperative adventure wargame, has just become available for pre-order.
five leagues from the borderlands videogame

Sometimes the biggest hurdle that stands in our way of enjoying a fantasy adventure, is the lack of people to play with. That is why it’s exciting that Five Leagues From The Borderlands, a new solo and cooperative adventure wargame, has just become available for pre-order.

From the author Ivan Sorensen who is best known for his indie crossover success, Five Parsecs From Home, and published by through their VIA Modiphius imprint comes Five Leagues From the Borderlands. This new campaign is the latest series of games in the “Five X from the X” franchise.


It features procedurally generated experiences merging dungeon delves and overland explorations – all set in a harsh, battle-torn fantasy world overrun with monsters and malice.

Five Leagues From The Borderlands Opens Up New Doors

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Five Leagues From the Borderlands is perfect for new players who want to get their feet with with fantasy or miniature style games. This game offers the abilities to be played on a 2x2ft or 3x3ft space. As well as allows for easy set up with the ability to use any miniature you own, a handful of six-sided dice, a pair of percentile dice, and of course paper and pens.

This game, while open for solo and cooperative play, is designed with solo-play in mind. One of the issues people face with solo-play is the lack of spontaneity that comes with playing with other people. With over 100 different enemy types, 17 unique foes, and six scenario types that can play out in a variety of ways, it doesn’t seem like that will be an issue here.

Here are some of the Five Leagues From the Borderlands Features players can expect.

-Fast-moving miniatures agnostic rules, developed specifically for solo & co-op adventure wargaming with a procedurally generated campaign world

-Create a Warband of hard-as-nails adventurers, whether human or one of five other origins, and follow their story! Develop their skills, gain spells and magical weapons!

-Explore and map out the game world, meet people on the road, delve into ancient ruins, discover strange villages and brooding lairs — all the while engaging in desperate battles

-Undertake epic quests, face off against fearsome monsters and foil your enemy’s plans as they are revealed to you

-A host of random tables and systems provide unexpected challenges and fodder for new adventures in a living, breathing world that will unfold before your eyes

-Several options to tailor the game difficulty to your tastes, as well as mechanics to add your own narrative elements

Because this game is built for solo-players, it feels as if it would also be a good game for people who want to dabble in running their own campaigns. So many times new players are taken under the wings of more diverse players, which can make manuals scary. They never really had to go digging through one before, because they were more just told what they needed or how to do it. With solo games like Five Leagues From the Borderlands it allows the players to run their own games, without being overwhelmed or feeling pressure from other players. As well as from the pages available for a sneak peak, it looks like everything is pretty simply explained.

Five Leagues From the Borderlands will have players wondering if they have what it takes to reclaim the land from the darkness, or be just another group of warriors fading into a forgotten memory? Pre-order your copy now and get ready for a new adventure.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this latest installment, as well as solo adventure games in general. Personally, the world of fantasy and miniature RPGS could use more of them, and this one looks particularly exciting.