Donbrothers: Don Onitaijin Revealed, Plus a First Look at True Zords of Sentai and The Ryusoulger Alter

The main Robo of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers has been released, with a teaser image for the Megazords of this Ranger series.

The main Robo of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers has been released, with a teaser image for the Megazords of this Ranger series. The Robo is made with the five Rangers in their Robotaro forms, which have been revealed but haven’t debuted in the TV series yet.

Each of the Robotaro forms are the Zords of this Super Sentai series, which the show also features the use of Avataro forms and even the ability to become past Rangers. Currently, the main Robo of the Sentai is the Don Zenkai Oh that first appeared near the end of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger but the true Robo of the Sentai is the Don Onitaijin.


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is the 46th Sentai Series with Rangers based on a different character featured in the Momotaro Japanese folktale. The series is a sequel to the previous Sentai, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, which also featured the use of Sentai Gears. Despite this similarity, Donbrothers uses gears differently as they can become past Rangers based on their personal color. They can also use Avataro Gears to become a alter form and summon other alter forms that are based on past Sentai Zords.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers and the Ryusoulger Alter


The Alter forms were revealed that they aren’t the Zords of the show, but instead are miniature forms that only Don Momotaro seems to be able to use. So far, only the Robo to be used is the Don Zenkai Oh, which still uses Zenkai Juran’s Tyranno form to create the twin-series Megazord. Fans have recently been shown the Robotaro forms online when they appeared in magazines, which each Ranger can become. Here is the first look at the Don Onitaijin that is formed when the five Rangers combine their Robotaro forms.

This is a small preview of the Robo but recently an image was shown thanks to Tokullectibles, who has given fans a better look at the full formation and toy for this new Megazord. This first image only shows the head of the Robo and the whole Robo, which appears to be a paper model version, judging by the holes in the hands to hold the swords. The preview of the toy gives a better look at how the Robo is formed and how each Robotaro is combined to make this formation.

This includes how the Robotaro forms of OniSister and InuBrother form the legs of the Megazord, and how Kijibrother and Sarubother form the arms and Swords, with Don Momotaro forming the body.

It’s clear from the image that the Red and Blue Rangers are the main components to make this new Megazord, with Yellow and Black forming the legs. This means that Pink Pheasant Robotaro is like Zords such as Inumaru from Ninninger and MagiFairy from Magiranger, which have minor roles in the designs of the Megazords when combined. Although there isn’t a balance in the design like most Sentai Megazords, the design does make sure that the heads of each of the Robotaro forms are visible in the combination.

The design also seems to be influenced by the Samurai hero aesthetic that Momotaro and Don Momotaro have, with the swords being the core weapon like Chanbara Sentai Megazords such as ShikenOh and Muteki Shogun.

The Don Onitaijin is formed with Don Momotaro, OniSister, KijiBrother, InuBrother, and Sarubrother in their Robotaro forms. These forms are based on the motif of the Rangers in this Sentai Series, including the Hero Momotaro, an Oni, A Pheasant, a Dog, and a Monkey, respectively. The Robotaro form of Don Momotaro also uses the Zanglass Sword like the Don Momotaro Alter but has a completely different appearance.

These forms have yet to debut in the Donbrothers Super Sentai series but it is likely they will be appearing soon. The Robotaro forms are called upon using Gold-based gears, which may help fans discover other Zords may be part of this line if the gears are part of sets. Here are the images of the Robotaro forms from the magazine, along with some individual images of the Zords and gears found online.

This is going to be a huge debut that has taken much longer than most Sentai shows to premiere. It’s a shame that the Pheasant Zord is plain compared to what it could be since it has a design that is simple compared to an actual Pheasant. The others are amazingly detailed, with the visors matching the Ranger on the design on the Zords. This is very similar to how the shuriken shapes appear on the Zords of Ninninger to match the Rangers of the series.

The Donbrothers episode that features this combination has yet to be revealed but new information has surfaced about what fans should expect soon, including how the Rangers get their Zord forms.

SuperHeroToku has shared on social media the latest news regarding the next installment of Donbrothers episodes. These are not confirmed but it does help paint a picture of what fans can expect next from episodes that will debut soon. This includes the following information for debuts and details features in coming episodes.

  • The Robotaro gears are awarded after retrieving a certain number of Sentai Gears by the Admin, Zenkaizer Black.
  • Don Momotaro goes through multiple changes against the Noto (Brain Person) but it also ends up causing him to go down for the count due to overuse. Hinting that frequent Avatar changes do more damage than expected.
  • Lupinranger and Patoranger Alter will be used against a Monster named Mashinking.
  • Next month, a new warrior appears.

It’s amazing that the Rangers need to unlock the Robotaro forms rather than get them by default, which is a great way of using a collective of episodes. This is a story moment that is usually skipped in some recent Ranger shows but it’s great that it will be used in Donbrothers to add a greater level of depth. It also demonstrates how Zenkaizer Black is significant to this Super Sentai series but does suggest that there is a link between past Super Sentai and the world of this team.

This suggests there is a big story reveal coming to why Sentai Gears are linked to monsters and why they need to be retrieved by defeating people who have been corrupted by their desire.

Another Alter was also previously shown on social media, which is likely to be the next Alter form to appear after the ZyuOhger Alter debut in the TV Show. Images of the Ryusoulger Alter show what Zord is representing this Dinosaur sentai. Tyramigo is the Zord that is being used for the Alter form and is shown to combine with Don Momotaro Alter to form a Centaur-based warrior with Sword and shield. Here are images of this new Alter that will be released as part of the Change Hero line.

It will be exciting to see these new debuts coming in Donbrothers, including the new Alters that will be making their appearance in the show soon. However, the biggest premiere to follow the Zords will certainly be the 6th Ranger of the series, as the new warrior is likely hinting at their debut. This Ranger has been said to possibly be a Ranger who can switch between Gold and Silver, with a dragon and Tiger the likely motifs.

With this Ranger getting his own Alter form, his own Spear-To-Axe Changer, and his own Robotaro form, this Ranger will likely be giving fans a lot of content to look forward to.

What do you think of the Don Onitaijin? Are you looking forward to the Robotaro form premiere in the Donbrothers TV series? When do you think the 6th Ranger will debut? Let us know on social media, or in the comment below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.


SOURCE: SuperHeroToku


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