DONBROTHERS: Latest Reveals For Team has INTENSE 1st look Of Powers and Weapons


Donbrothers toys and images grant fans a preview of abilities and weapons for the team. As the series premiere gets closer, magazine and toy images have allowed a sneak preview for the Rangers led by Don Momotaro. Along with the images for the 46th Sentai, Avataro Gears have also been revealed as well as a general image that suggest possible Sentai Representation.

A lot of fans are looking forward to seeing Don Momotaro, the leading Red Ranger of the new Sentai series. This is due to the character debuting in Zenkaiger Episode 42, before the 46th series premieres. The new series also uses an new form of Sentai Gears but also a new type of item called Avataro Gears, which Donbrothers uses to transform and to become CGI-based Zords.

The team that Don Momotaro leads is formed of four other Rangers, who all together form Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. These Rangers are OniSister, InuBrother, SaruBrother, and KijiBrother. Each Ranger in this show uses the characters in the Momotaro as the basis and not much detail about them had been revealed.

One of the latest magazine images shows fans a glimpse of the new team in action. With the images displaying their abilities and powers in the live-action shots.


Details of the suits shown for these Rangers reveal just how much thought was put in these designs. Considering the rumors regarding the Oni antagonists of the series, it makes sense that OniSister will have a Thunder attribute as the other enemy Oni are element based too.

Much like how the Avataro Gears seem similar to the Ninninger Shurikens, InuBrother also appears to have a Gaoranger essence as seen by movement shot. He is certainly the smallest Ranger to exist and it will be interesting to see how he keeps up with the others.

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SaruBrother having monkey-based design also includes his rear with a red detailing seen on his behind. Although he has normal proportions, the similarity he shares with KijiBrother includes suit similarities to Kyuranger. As SaruBrother has fur-based armour like Oogami Blue and KijiBrother having the use of wings like Washi Pink. All Animal Rangers seem to have feet that match with an animal design, including their claws and paws.

It’s amazing how unique each Ranger is and yet has similar designs to make them look like a powerful Sentai team. Along with the visor and armour suits, this Sentai will surely devastate their opposition as fans will hope. Its likely the Oni antagonists will have a menacing design in parallel to their enemy, but images have yet to be released.

Toys of Rangers Gives 1st Look At Weapons

New images of the Donbrothers figures shown on social media have been released. These new images give fans a first-look at the weapons of the other Rangers.

Aside from Don Momotaro and his ZanglassSword, InuBrother appears to have a Shuriken-based weapon, suggesting he may be a form of ninja.

As for OniSister, her weapon is based on a Kanabo. This is a club-based weapon typically associated with Oni. It will be interesting to see if these weapons in Donbrothers also use any of the Gears for abilities and attacks.

It does appear that KijiBrother and SaruBrother don’t have personal weapons according to these images. Hopefully that is not the case as SaruBrother, since SaruBrother did have some kind of weapon as seen in previous image.

Figures of the Donbrothers Rangers will be released March 5th, 2022.

Avataro Gears Discovered

Much like Zenkaiger and Gokaiger, new Avataro Gears have also been revealed to be included with certain releases. These include the special Don Momotaro, the Kirameiger, and TokQger Avataro Gears.

A special Don Momotaro gear is to be released as a magazine exclusive during the end of February. As for the other Gears, these are reported to allow the Ranger to become Alter forms, which are the zords representing past Sentai.

Banner Reveals Possible Sentai Representation

An image has also been displayed on social media that may suggest what other teams may have Avataro Gears, meaning Zords of past teams making a return as Alter forms.

These are also recent Sentai teams, which all have unique themes and Zords. There are a few odd features about the selection as Gokaiger is featured in the line-up as well as two Dino-themed teams. Kyuranger is also excluded in this line-up, which is confusing considering all the Rangers included have existed either before or after them.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers will air in Japan on March 6th, 2022, via Asahi TV. It will be one of the biggest Sentai shows to see unfold as more is revealed, even before release of the first episode.

What do think of the other Rangers in this Sentai? Are you looking forward to Donbrothers? Which Ranger is your favorite so far? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai News.

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