Skybound Comet Reveals New 2023 YA & Middle Grade Launches

Known for their original graphic novels aimed at Young Adults (Ages 12+) and Middle Grade (Ages 8-12), Skybound Comet has a great new lineup.

Known for their original graphic novels aimed at Young Adults (Ages 12+) and Middle Grade (Ages 8-12), Skybound Comet has a great new lineup.

Launching in the Spring and Summer of 2023, Skybound Comet will be releasing all-new OGNs everywhere books are sold. Kicking things off is Mac Smith’s Scurry in February. Followed by Sean Kelley McKeever & Alexandra Tegenkgi’s Outpost Zero in April. And In June, Michelle Fus’ first book in a whole new series based on their groundbreaking YA webcomic, Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn.

Alex Antone, Senior Editor of Skybound Comet, has this to say about the exciting new lineup.

“Skybound Comet is now home to two of the most successful webcomics of all-time in AVA’S DEMON and SCURRY, and we are thrilled to bring out acclaimed series OUTPOST ZERO to a new audience in a fantastic new format. Each of these books presents bold new characters in bold new worlds which are sure to ignite the imaginations of young readers everywhere.”

Scurry (Skybound Comet, Diamond Code MAR228456, ISBN: 978-1-5343-2436-7

Created by webcomics superstar Mac Smith, Scurry tells the story of struggling mice trying to survive the winter in a world lacking humanity. Journey with Wix, the colony’s best scout, as he sets out in search of food and shelter. Or that was his hope before getting lost in the forest alone. In his efforts to find home again, he will face off against new dangerous threats, meet strange new creatures, and discover his destiny.

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Scurry is a comic born out of my love for the post-apocalyptic and (kind of dark) animated movies that I grew up watching, and I’m very happy to be working with Skybound to bring it to a new audience,” said Smith. “This project was a lot of work to bring to life, and I’m so excited to finally tell the story of these brave rodents struggling to keep hope alive in an increasingly desperate world.”

Recommended for Middle Grade, Scurry marks the first-ever collection of the smash-hit webcomic in a complete volume.

Outpost Zero (Skybound Comet, Diamond Code MAR228457, ISBN: 978-1-5343-2437-4)

Ever wondered what life would be like on an uninhabitable frozen planet? Then open this graphic novel and travel to the smallest town in the universe, Outpost Zero. This small town also is home to the main character Alea, who has been raised in an artificial environment due to the fact the planet was never meant to support human life. Alea’s life seems busy with school, friends, and Friday night fights, and yet she feels like there is more for her to discover. That is why when faced with tragedy, Alea promises to find the truth, no matter if that destroys the life she once knew.

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Outpost Zero is created by Eisner Award winner Sean Kelley McKeever (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) and Alexandre Tefenkgi (The Good Asain). As well as geared more for the YA reader base.

“OPZ is a series I created for readers to get thoroughly immersed in, so this single volume is the perfect package for anyone who wants to get lost in another world and connect with this cast of kids who are going through trials and triumphs not so different from our own,” said McKeever. “I can’t wait for a new audience to discover what Alex, Jean-Francois, and I have made for the first time.”

Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn (Skybound Comet, Diamond Code MAR228458, ISBN: 978-1-5343-2438-1)

Skybound Comet Ava's Demon

Follow a young, shy girl named Ava as she discovers a new world as she tries to help an ancient alien queen named Wrathia. Coming together to make a powerful pact in the hope of a better life, Ava must now help Wrathia seek revenge against TITAN. It’s going to take a lot of help to face off against the godlike being who destroyed the queen’s empire. First, Ava must assemble the most trusted warriors and their host lifeforms. The only problem is she needs to figure out where to find them.

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Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn creator Michelle Fus said, “It’s been a long journey writing and drawing Ava’s Demon for the past ten years, so saying that I’m overjoyed to now be working with Skybound is definitely an understatement. I’m ecstatic to be releasing my work with the Skybound team. I hope Ava’s Demon helps new readers go on a journey of their own; that through my comic they can discover and escape to a thrilling and magical new universe.”

Now the choice is up to you. Do you want to follow mice living in a post-apocalyptic world, help Alea find the answers she seeks, or join the fight with Ava and Wrathia and restore what once was? Perhaps you are feeling adventurous and choose all three? No matter what you choose, the best thing about reading is discovering new worlds, people, and ideas. In that regards it looks like Skybound Comet has you covered in 2023.

Skybound Comet

Let us know which one looks to be your favorite graphic novel releasing in 2023 and share your other favorite Skybound Comet book with us on Twitter.

Source: Skybound Comet

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