RUMOR: She-Hulk’s Earlier Model Was Supposedly Bigger

If you've watched the She-Hulk trailer, you know what this is about.

If you’ve watched the She-Hulk trailer, you know what this is about.

Everyone has their own ideas of what a character should look like. It is notably true when characters get adapted from one medium to another, especially when a character has been around for decades. This has become abundantly noticeable lately with the surge of live action adaptations. The latest victim to all of this is the upcoming Disney + show, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, from Marvel Studios.


According to the latest rumor in the mill, in a now deleted tweet from visual effects artist Sean Ruecroft, the character model for Jennifer Walters’ gamma radiated alter ego was supposed to be much larger. After a Twitter user commented on the lack of buffness on She-Hulk, Sean replied,

“I was at a company that did VFX for this. Apparently she was bigger early on, but the notes kept saying to “make her smaller.” We always roll our eyes (like we did on Sonic) but at the end of the day artists gotta follow orders.”

Where Do You Fall On The She-Hulk Scale?

Whether or not it is true remains to be confirmed, but since the tweet (and account) has since been deleted, the rumor does seem more credible.

she-hulk cover
She-Hulk #1 Cover

On one hand, I don’t get the complaint here. She-Hulk is rarely shown as equally jacked up like her cousin Bruce’s Hulk, at least that I can recall. Usually, she is shown as a taller, moderately buffer version of Jennifer, much as she is shown here. In fact, as the show is very much inspired by the comic run written by Dan Slott, she does appear to be very comic accurate. Isn’t this what everyone complains about, the lack of comic accuracy in the character designs? So we finally get something that is fairly comic accurate and we want to complain?

However, I can understand the other side to the argument. Comic stories are meant for everyone, and people would like to see every type of person represented. So far, every superheroine has been shown as this slim, curvy, model perfect woman and with how popular Luisa, from Disney’s 2021 animated film Encanto, was, it is plain to see that people want to see every type of person represented in all roles and not just as secondary, background characters.

We are already making strides in making more main characters racially and culturally diverse, so this would naturally be the next step to making content more inclusive for all.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law is Marvel Studios next upcoming Disney+ show. The 9 episode mini series is due to be released on August 17, 2022 The show stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk, Ginger Gonzaga as Jennifer’s best friend Nikki, and Jameela Jamil as the show’s antagonist, Titania. The show also has a few returning MCU characters as well. Reprising his role from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk is Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky / Abomination who appears as one of Jennifer’s clients.

Benedict Wong returns as Wong, the current Sorcerer Supreme who previously fought the Abomination in Shang Chi and Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Bruce Banner / Smart Hulk. Bruce is Jeniffer’s cousin and the inclusion of Smart Hulk leaves fans curious as to where in the timeline it lands. In Infinity War, Banner and the Hulk learned to co-exist whereas in Shang Chi, Banner has reverted back to human form yet still has is injured arm in a sling.

wong she-hulk

What do you think about She-Hulk’s model? Do you like the comic accurate model? Would you rather have a larger more Hulk-like body for her? Are you even excited for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law? Let us know what you think on our social media!


Source: Murphy’s Multiverse