Digimon Ghost Game: New Partners Revealed By DIM Cards

The latest DIM cards released for the Vital Bracelet have revealed two new Digimon partners expected to appear in Digimon Ghost Game.
Digimon Ghost Game

The latest DIM cards released for the Vital Bracelet have revealed two new Digimon partners expected to appear in Digimon Ghost Game.

The two new Digimon were revealed alongside Bandai Namco’s latest model of the Vital Bracelet, which will include improved features and functions. The latest addition to the Digimon fitness device suggests that the three tamers and their Digimon will be joined by two new allies, which even gives fans a preview of the possible Digivolutions that could feature in the Digimon series.


The two new Digimon Ghost Game friends include one previously known Rookie stage and another that has never been seen before.

The Lowdown On Digimon Ghost Game

Digimon Ghost Game is the latest series of the franchise that followed as the Digimon Adventures reboot finished its run. The series features brand new Digimon and a story that includes holographic technology in a city where mysterious phenomena have occurred due to Digimon entering the human world. The Digimon series also features the use of the Vital Bracelet as the Digivice V in this new series, which became the show’s Digivice due to its success.

The series so far has only included three Tamers with their partner Digimon, along with Digimon that have their first debut in a TV show such as Digimon ReArise mascot, Herissmon. Digimon Ghost Game so far has the following protagonists and their partner Digimon.

  • Hiro and Gammamon
  • Kiyoshiro and Jellymon
  • Ruri and Angoramon

The Tamers of the new Digimon have yet to be revealed but the show has started debuting the Ultimate stage of the current partners in the show. This only includes Gammamon’s ultimate evolution, Canoweissmon, and Jellymon’s ultimate evolution, Thetismon. Leaving only Angoramon’s ultimate form to premiere, with all Champion Digivolutions currently possible.

There are many mysteries still to be revealed but new tamers were an expected addition as many seasons have additional Digidestined that appear in later episodes. For Digimon Ghost Game, there are only two new additions that are known to debut in future episodes.

Digimon Ghost Game’s 4th and 5th Digimon partners

The new Vital Bracelet DIM cards have been revealed in a pack that has the Digimon Ghost Game logo on the packaging. This was previously only seen on the Gammamon DIM card and the two-pack of Jellymon and Angoramon.

The new pack of DIM cards are for Digimon, Ryudamon and Espimon. Ryudamon is an X-Antibody Digimon that has appeared in Video Games and as a partner Digimon before, such as for Yuji Musya from Digimon Chronicle. Espimon is a Digimon that hasn’t appeared before, which makes them an exclusive like the three featured as partner Digimon in the series. Here are the images of Ryudamon and Espimon, along with the DIM card pack compatible with the Vital Bracelet line.

Ryudamon is an awesome Japanese-style, armored Digimon that has never been brought to life in a TV show. It will be interesting to see what personality traits they will have and what Digivolution line they will follow. It is also curious that the gold armored Digimon, Zubamon, and his line are part of the DIM card, which may not be seen in the series. Espimon is a Digimon that appears to be a mechanical bear designed with a rocket pack and astronaut armor.

The evolution path is hard to guess but the featured partners can become the Mega Digimon that DNA Digivolve to RagnaLoardmon. Like Ryudamon, it will be fascinating to find out what personality traits they will also have in the show as fans can only speculate. The only extra addition highlighted for Espimon is that they can digivolve into BlackGatomon (Uver.), who has made frequent appearances in the show.

It is unknown whether the Tamers of these Digimon are pre-existing characters or new, but these new Digimon will alter the dynamic for both the human and Digimon characters. It will also be brilliant if these Digimon have their own quirks that set them apart since the current partner monsters have their own unique characteristics.

This includes Gammamon’s love of chocolate, Angoramon’s Haiku poetry, and Jellymon’s enjoyment of scaring Kiyoshiro. Mega stage Digimon are what fans are wondering about next for the current partner Digimon but now there will be new additions to be excited for.

Digimon Ghost Game

The Ryudamon and Espimon Digimon DIM Card set is set for release on the 6th of August, 2022. This may also suggest that the new Digimon will appear in episodes of Digimon Ghost Game closer to this date, which is currently still airing episodes every Sunday and simulcast on Crunchyroll.

What do you think of the new partner Digimon? Are you enjoying the Digimon Ghost Game series? Will you be getting the new DIM card pack for the Vital Bracelet? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, keep following The Illuminerdi for more.



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