Crunchyroll’s Summer 2022 Anime Season Slate Announced

A packed 2022 Summer line-up has been announced by Crunchyroll, with many anime titles being released for fans to enjoy during the season.

A packed 2022 Summer line-up has been announced by Crunchyroll, with many anime titles being released for fans to enjoy during the season.

This includes both continuations of beloved anime series and new shows that will capture the attention of viewers on the streaming platform. New premieres have been set for release on Crunchyroll during July, which will also see special episodes for Dr. Stone and My Hero Academia. The premiere of the Kamen Rider W series Fuuto Pi is also in the lineup, which continues the story from the live-action show.


Alongside these new additions will be the shows that are currently Simulcast and will continue from this year’s Spring line-up.

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Crunchyroll continues to heat up the world of entertainment with over 40 new and returning titles this Summer 2022 anime season. Crunchyroll is cooking up an exciting lineup of new simulcasts from Japan – subtitled and dubbed – that will include Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2, Classroom of the Elite Season 2, YUREI DECO, Fuuto PI, Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys!, The Girl from the Other Side, RWBY: Ice Queendom, Dr. STONE Special Episode – RYUSUI, and the My Hero Academia Season 5 OVAs (Original Video Animation) among so much more!

New acquisitions for the Summer roster that have not been previously announced include, The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2, ODDTAXI In the Woods, SHADOWS HOUSE 2nd Season, Black Summoner, Dropkick on My Devil!!! X, Engage Kiss, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting, Lycoris Recoil, Musasi-no, My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex, Obey Me! The Anime Season 2, Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing ’til you Cry, The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious, and The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup. Additional series will be announced soon and updates can be found at Crunchyroll News as they are made.

Simulcasts on Crunchyroll continuing from the Spring 2022 anime season are One Piece, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game, Case Closed (Detective Conan), Kingdom Season 4, Aoashi, A Couple of Cuckoos, Shadowverse Flame, Love All Play, and Delicious Party Pretty Cure

The Summer 2022 lineup will join Crunchyroll’s existing library of more than 40,000 episodes of anime and 16,000 hours available to stream. Additionally, Funimation will continue to add new episodes of current series previously released on the platform, such as One Piece, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Classroom of the Elite, Kingdom, SHADOWS HOUSE, The Prince of Tennis II,and Obey Me!, but all new series will simulcast exclusively on Crunchyroll.

See Crunchyroll’s current slate of Summer 2022 simulcast anime below:

(Dates listed below only reflect the subtitle simulcast premieres; dub date launches to be announced via Crunchyroll News at a later time)



Rent-a-GirlfriendSeason 2 (TMS Entertainment)

A hopeless college student, Kinoshita Kazuya, meets a graceful rental girlfriend, Mizuhara Chizuru, and ends up introducing her as his girlfriend to his family and friends. Time goes on with Kazuya unable to tell the truth, as he’s surrounded by devilish ex-girlfriend Nanami Mami, who keeps coming back to tempt him for some reason, hyper-aggressive provisional girlfriend Sarashina Ruka, who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer, and super shy but diligent and hardworking younger rental girlfriend, Sakurasawa Sumi… beautiful girlfriends of all types!

The pub, the beach, hot springs, Christmas, and New Year’s… Having gone through these challenging events, Kazuya’s feelings for Chizuru keep growing stronger. But she reveals a shocking truth that threatens to shake their “relationship” to the very core! (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German

Lycoris Recoil (A-1 Pictures)

These are peaceful days, thanks to a secret crime-fighting organization of all-girl agents: Lycoris. The elite free-spirited Chisato is their all-time strongest agent, alongside the coolheaded talented-but-mysterious Takina. Working together at a café, they serve coffee and sweets as well as childcare, shopping, and teaching Japanese. The chaotic everyday lives of this mismatched duo begin! (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German

Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing ’til you Cry (Drive) – (Official Trailer)


Engage Kiss (A-1 Pictures)

Bayron City — a Mega-Float type city in the Pacific Ocean, which doesn’t belong to any particular nation. As the mine for Orgonium, a new energy resource, this city is the most noticed in the world right now, and here special cases caused by demons called “D Hazards” has been occurring frequently. Only a handful of people know about the existence of D Hazards. They are handled by PMCs (Private Military Companies).

Shu is a young man living in Bayron City who runs such a company, but his company is tiny. On top of that, he cherry-picks his jobs, so he is always in a bind for money. His life, both publicly and privately, is being supported by the beautiful high school girl Kisara who attends a school in Bayron City. And there is one more person that keeps him on her mind: Ayano, an employee of a major PMC that Shu used to work for and Shu’s ex-girlfriend.

Kisara finds her unpleasant. At the root of Kisara’s strong attachment to Shu is a contract signed between them. Her true identity is a demon. Kisara supports Shu’s lifestyle, and even assists his demon extermination based on their contract. The price is a dangerously sweet kiss.  Their uncertain bond teeters between love and contract. Where is their destiny headed..? (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English

Shoot! Goal to the Future (EMT Squared)

Atsushi Kamiya, a former captain at Kakegawa High School and the world-renowned “courageous captain” for a famous Italian soccer team… And Hideto Tsuji, a student at Kakegawa High School, who seems uninterested in the now-weakened soccer team… Their meeting is the start of a new legend. (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English


YUREI DECO (Science Saru)

From Science SARU comes an original story based on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The story begins when Berry, an average girl from an average home, meets Huck, a girl who looks like a boy. Charmed by Huck, Berry meets up with the team Huck leads, the Ghost Detectives Club. Members of this club are “socially dead,” working invisibly within the digitally controlled society of Tom Sawyer.

As she works with the group, Berry learns about Zero, a mysterious figure who lurks within Tom Sawyer’s underground. She and Huck decide to chase down this figure, and in time, the truth behind the city is revealed… (Official trailer)

RWBY: Ice Queendom (SHAFT) – (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English

Utawarerumono Mask of Truth (WHITE FOX)

“I’m counting on you, boy.” Yamato descends into chaos following the death of the emperor. Oshutoru, the General of the Right, is a fugitive accused of poisoning Empress Anju. In a battle with his pursuers, he uses the full power of the Akuruka, fusing his body and soul with the world itself. Before he says goodbye, he entrusts Anju and Nekone’s future to his friend Haku.

Taking up Oshutoru’s mask and identity, Haku abandons his old life. He tells everyone, except Nekone, who knows the truth, that he is Oshutoru. They escape to Ennakamui, where Anju begins to recover, and she rises up to reclaim her rightful place as Empress. But Raikou, one of the Eight Pillar Generals, attempts to take advantage of the chaos and put a false empress on the throne. Yamato’s armies soon march for Ennakamui to kill the true Empress. A war is about to begin that will engulf all of Yamato… (Official Trailer)


Classroom of the Elite II(Lerche)

Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School seems like a paradise, but in reality, it is an extreme meritocracy. In the class of underachievers, Kiyotaka has begun working with Suzune, who seeks to ascend higher. After a survival test on an uninhabited island, they get to enjoy a luxury liner, but a new class-scrambling test will begin! Will you work for your class, your group, or yourself? (Official Trailer

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German


Dropkick on My Devil!!! X Season 3 (Nomad)

A devil known by the name “Jashin-chan” is suddenly summoned from Hell into the human realm. The one who summoned her is Hanazono Yurine, a somewhat black-hearted college student living in a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. Though she successfully summoned Jashin-chan into the human realm, she has no idea how to send her back to Hell. So Yurine and Jashin-chan have no choice but to start living together, but according to Jashin-chan, a summoned devil can return to Hell if the summoner dies. So Jashin-chan’s next action is…


Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation (Liden Films)

Here in this magic academy city of Ashram, where everyone is required to live in dormitories, a close-knit group of girls known as “Pentagrams” pursue their studies, including training in manners and magic, to become “true ladies.” Arsnotoria, one of the students in Ashram, lives in Dorm 5 and is always with her dormmate friends: Mel, who’s the life of the party, Petit Albert, who’s quiet and does things at her own pace, Picatrix, who wants to be the class president, and Abramelin, who’s always cool.

They take classes and work on their school duties together, and they throw tea parties after school in “that room”… We’ll share the girls’ fun and lively days with you! (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World (Passione)

Struggling with life and society, high school student Michio Kaga wanders about the Internet and lands on an odd website. The website, featuring a number of questions and a point-based system, allows one to create skills and abilities for a character. Upon completing his character, Kaga was transported to a game-like fantasy world and reborn as a strong man who can claim idol-level girls. Thus begins the cheat and harem legend of a reborn man! (Official Trailer)

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup(M.S.C / Studio Kai)

When tennis phenom Ryoma Echizen is kicked out of Japan’s elite U-17 training camp for breaking the rules, he’s despondent. But a stroke of good luck hits when he’s able to try out for the U.S. team. Proving himself against their hardened veterans isn’t going to be easy, and if he is accepted, he’ll have to play against his former friends. Can he help his new brothers smash their way to victory? (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English

My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex (Project No.9)

A boy and a girl started dating in middle school. They were lovey-dovey at first, but due to a misunderstanding over something trivial, they started feeling more frustration than excitement… In the end, they broke up when they graduated. However, Mizuto Irido and Yume Ayai meet again in a surprising way before they start high school. “Obviously I’m the older brother here.” “Obviously I’m the older sister here.”

The child of their parent’s new spouse is the ex they just broke up with?! Out of consideration for their parents, this former couple comes up with a “sibling rule,” which is: “Whoever starts seeing the other as potentially attractive loses.” But they sometimes run into each other right after a bath. They’re also alone on their way to and from school, so…

 (Official Trailer)


The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting (Feel / Gaina)

Kirishima Toru was accustomed to solving all problems through violence and was called “the Demon of Sakuragi” by the underbelly of society. One day, the boss of the Sakuragi family suddenly summons Kirishima and appoints him caretaker of his only daughter, Yaeka! This is a heartwarming comedy about a yakuza crime family’s right-hand man and the boss’ only daughter. The two of them are about to begin their new daily lives together! (Official Trailer)


SHADOWS HOUSE 2nd Season (CloverWorks)

The mansion has even more secrets… After finishing their “debut,” Kate, Emilico and three other pairs who started with them begin a new life as adults. With the mystery of the “Shadows House” still unsolved, a new incident occurs in the children’s wing. Kate and Emilico, whom the Star Bearers suspect of being malcontents, investigate a mysterious robed Shadow who may be the culprit. What is the goal of this mysterious Shadow? (Official Trailer)

  1. Dub languages that will be made available: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

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