Donbrothers’ 6th Ranger Zords Revealed In New Toy Images

The Robotaro forms of Donbrothers' 6th Ranger have finally been revealed.

The Robotaro forms of Donbrothers‘ 6th Ranger have finally been revealed, with the Robo formation both create. The new Zords of the 46th Sentai series both belong to Jiro Momotani, who can become both Don Doragokuu and Don Torabolt. Both Zords were revealed by toy images that gave fans a sneak preview of the Robotaro forms, which have yet to debut in the TV series. This was only previously teased by the Robotaro gear seen on the Ranger’s weapon in various releases announcing the 6th Ranger’s debut in the series.

The Robotaro forms are the equivalent to Zords in the latest Super Sentai series, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. The Rangers change into the forms by using gold Avataro Gears, which are different from the Alter forms that only Don Momotaro and Don Doragokuu can become. The Robotaro form allows a Ranger to become a robotic version of the Ranger’s motif and currently allows the core team to become Don Onitaijin. The forms are also regular sized with Don Onitaijin able to grow to the expected Megazord size, which is different from past Sentai Zords and Robos.


With the 6th Ranger now part of the team, many fans were eagerly anticipating the appearance of the Zord form that the Ranger will become. This anticipation was also magnified when promotional images were displayed of Don Doragokuu/Torabolt’s Tiger Gong (TiGuardra), which held his gold Robotaro gear. This gave a glimpse of the form that the 6th Ranger will become when the Gear was used, but fans were unsure on whether both modes would be given individual Robotaro forms.

The Dragon and Tiger Zords of Donbrothers’ 6th Ranger

Donbrothers 6th Ranger-Tiger-Gong-With-Gear

Unlike the other Rangers, the 6th Ranger gets two different Robotaro forms that can combine, which were revealed in the deluxe toyline. These are Don Robogoku, a gold dragon Zord, and Don Robobolt, a purple tiger Zord. The Zords both appear to be the respective Robotaro forms for Don Doragokuu and Don Torabolt, that Jiro Momotani can change into.


These Robotaro forms can also merge to form ToraDora GonJin, as the Megazord formation of the 6th Ranger. Here are the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers toy images of Don Robogoku and Don Robobolt, along with the ToraDora GonJin toy that they form.

There are a lot of significant design choices that suggest what fans could expect when the Robotaro forms debut in the TV series. The only Zord that is true to the Ranger color is Don Robogoku, whereas the Don Robobolt is purple rather than silver like the Ranger mode.

This is like the Alter form that uses green in the design, despite not being present in the Ranger’s color schemes. Many fans have already compared the design of ToraDora GonJin to the Power Loader seen in the Alien movie franchise, as the purple Tiger Zord enters the Gold Dragon like it is armor.


The most significant fact about the Robotaro form is that one person can become two Robotaro forms for the combination to be possible. This hints that the alternate personality that Jiro appears to have, which caused the Tiger Gong to appear for the first time, may separate so Jiro can become both the Dragon and the Tiger Zord at the same time. Images in magazines have given fans the first look at the Robotaro forms as they appear in the show with the following images.

It will be so amazing to see how the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 6th Ranger’s Robotaro forms will appear, but the biggest question fans may be wondering is whether there are other formations. This is due to past Sentai including various Ultrazord combinations that allows a core team and a 6th Ranger to combine their Zords together.

This is something that fans are hoping to see for the Robotaro forms in Donbrothers, but this possibility has yet to be revealed. For now, fans are still waiting for the debut of Jiro’s Don Torabolt form, which has yet to be seen. Currently, Jiro can become 6th Rangers using their Avataro Gears in his Tiger Gong, which is what he will use for all Avataro Gears that are not his primary gold or Silver Ranger forms.

The ToraDora GonJin set is currently set for release on the 27th of August 2022, which will include both Dom Robogoku and Don Robobolt as deluxe toys. This set may also include the Gold Avataro Gear that is used to summon the Robotaro forms via the DX Tiger Gong. However, the gear will be part of Avataro Set 06, with 6th Ranger gears, which will be released on the 2nd of July, 2022.

What do you think of the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 6th Ranger’s Robotaro Forms? Are you excited for their debut in the TV series? Do you think ToraDora GonJin will be able to combine with Don Onitaijin? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.



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