ICYMI: Amazon Studios Acquires Rights to Eight Billion Genies

The Hollywood Reporter announced that fans of the bestselling comic book series, Eight Billion Genies, will see the film adaptation through Amazon.

Now this is something worthy of using a wish from eight billion genies!

The Hollywood Reporter announced that fans of the bestselling comic book series, Eight Billion Genies, are in for a wonderful treat. After a heated auction over the development rights, Amazon Studios walks away the winner. A huge winner to be more precise. Because the comic book series created by Charles Soule and Ryan Browne is a smashing success, with only the third issue having been released today!


Eight Billion Genies is a fresh, hot take on an overdone trope. One second people are enjoying every day life, and the next thing they know Genies start popping up all over the world to grant ALL eight billion people, one wish.

What’s So Great About Eight Billion Genies?

The beauty of this comic comes down to the utter chaos that starts to unfold as people start to use their wishes and the balance of actual plot lines that pull the reader in. Plus, the style of which the story progresses is riveting. Every issue is told in fractions of time. For example, the first issue introduced readers to the first eight seconds and eight minutes from when the genies arrived. The second issue focused more on the first eight hours, while the latest issue shows the world as it hits the first eight days. For a better breakdown of the series, checkout our review on Eight Billion Genies issue #1.

eight billion genies comic

And it isn’t just the amazing concept and flow of the series. The partnership between New York Times- bestselling novelist Charles Soule and Harvey Award-nominated comic artist and cartoonist Ryan Brownie, is pure genius. So it isn’t shocking to hear that there was a heated bidding war over Eight Billion Genies. It can’t be stressed enough that this is all happening before fans have even finished the series.

But when you have extremely talented creative minds like Soule who has worked for Marvel, DC, and Lucasfilm with creations like Death of Wolverine and Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. Or Browne who is the creator behind the fan-favorite superhero comic God Hates Astronauts, while also working for comic giants like DC Comics, Marvel, Image, and Valiant. You just know them coming together was going to make comic gold.

Eight Billion Genies is scheduled for a total of eight issues, with the third dropping today, July 13th and the fourth to release August 10th. You can find the current issues wherever comic books are sold, as well as online at Image Comics, Apple Books, Google Play, and of course Amazon Kindle.

So what does Amazon Studios plan to do now that they hold this prized possession? Well it appears the first project coming out of the deal….yes the FIRST project, is a featured film. It isn’t quite clear what other projects might be in the works following this featured film. Maybe a series that expands further than the eight issues? Who knows!

But what we do know is that the idea of a featured film is exciting. Especially with Soule and Browne coming on as executive producers and serve as the “cornerstone in a cross-media Universe of storytelling.” Which to me states that no matter what happens with these future projects, the fans can count on it being in tune with the magic that is the comic series.

It is also interesting to see a comic that doesn’t fall into the DC or Marvel universe get the greenlight for bigger projects, like a featured film. There are so many amazing comics that are produced regularly that would make amazing series or films. Could this be a new niche Amazon Studios is trying to get into? Are they lookin to move into animation more as Netflix works to move away? And who even said this featured film might be animated?

Honestly, there are very little details except what has already been covered in this article. All we know for certain is that fans of Eight Billion Genies are excited to know that the journey won’t stop when the last issue drops. As well as that this series is beyond deserving of a featured film.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter