Demiveemon 1:1 Scale Plush Revealed Ahead of New Digimon Movie

A full-scale version of the Digimon Adventure 02’s Demiveemon will be released as a plush for fans to purchase.

A full-scale version of the Digimon Adventure 02’s Demiveemon will be released as a plush for fans to purchase. The in-training form of the season’s mascot Digimon, Veemon, will be a life-sized scale of the Digimon seen in the show.

Also known as Chibimon in Japan, the cute Digimon will be one of many life-sized Digimon that will be released by Bandai. This must-have release will all be available for pre-order but only runs until the end of the month.


Digimon Adventures 02 continued the adventures in the Digital world after the events of the first series. As a new danger rose to power, three new Digidestined were chosen to possess a new type of Digivice that granted the use of Armour Digivolution with Armour Digieggs. A movie that continues the adventures of the season 2 has recently been shown at Digi Fes 2022. Digimon Adventures 02: The Beginning will see the return of the second generation with the following Digidestined and their Digimon.

  • Davis and Veemon 
  • Yolei and Hawkmon 
  • Cody and Armadillomon 
  • TK and Patamon 
  • Kari and Gatomon 
  • Ken and Wormmon 

Veemon is the mascot Digimon of the Digimon Adventure 02 series and has various DigivolUtion lines, including Armour Digivolutions with Armour Digieggs and DNA Digivolutions with Wormmon. Demiveemon, also known in Japan as Chibimon, is the In-training form of this mascot Digimon. Demiveemon frequently appears in the series as Veemon would De-Digivolve when going from the Digital World to the real world. As the name suggests, he is a ‘chibi’ version of Veemon and is a lot cuter than his rookie stage. 

Chibimon/Demiveemon Life Sized Plushie 

Digimon Demiveemon plush

This Digimon is being released as a plushie that features as a life scale version of the In-training Digimon. Chibimon, also known as Demiveemon in English Dub, will be one of the first in the 1:1 scale Digimon plush line. The Digimon life sized scale allows fans to get a show accurate Digimon, which could even be used for cosplay. Here are the images of the Chibimon plush that will soon be released for fans to obtain. 

Demiveemon is a clear favourite for many fans, especially those who love the original Digimon Adventures 02 series. Chibimon is one of the in-training Digimon that featured a lot during the 2nd series of Digimon Adventures, who was often seen waiting for Davis in a classroom. It will be fantastic for fans to have a 1:1 scale of this Digimon, especially if the other in-training forms seen in the show are soon to follow. Anyone who wants to obtain this Digimon plush should do so as soon as possible, since it will likely increase in rarity once the run is completed. 

Digimon’s 1:1 Scale Chibimon is currently available for pre-order in Japan until the end of August 2022. Shipping for the plush is estimated to be March 2022, with western release to be announced. The estimated cost of the plush is $82 USD.

demiveermon digimon

What do you think of the Chibimon plush? Are you excited about the 1:1 scale plush line? What Digimon would you want to collect? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon. 


Source: Pokejungle


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