Power Morphicon 2022’s Scott Zillner Addresses Security After Threat

Scott Zillner has spoken up regarding the security at Power Morphicon 2022 during Illuminerdi's Ranger Wrap Up.
Power Morphicon

Scott Zillner has spoken regarding the security at Power Morphicon 2022.

This is in response to a social media post that threatened the convention and has caused concern for those who are attending. During the latest Ranger Wrap-Up, Scott has spoken publicly about why he was unable to respond along with details regarding the level of protection. Although unable to discuss the occurrence, a statement was given that ensures both guests and attendees will be able to enjoy the event, without any worries or concerns. Additionally, Scott also mentioned that props would need to follow guidelines to ensure no issues will occur for those who attend in cosplay.

Power Morphicon was originally set to happen in 2020 until the covid pandemic caused plans to change. This also affected the event happening in 2021 but finally, fans are now able to return to this Power Rangers and Tokusatsu event. Power Morphicon 2022 has a list of amazing guests from both Power Rangers and even Super Sentai, including guests of honor, Ryota Ozawa and Toshihide Wakamatsu. However, concerns for safety occurred when a threat was posted on social media and made some fans anxious about attending the event. The threat seen on Twitter was political in nature and doesn’t have any relation with the franchise but has been addressed previously on the website for Power Morphicon.

Security announcement by Scott Zillner for Power Morphicon 2022

Scott Zillner has spoken about the concern during The Illuminerdi’s Ranger Wrap Up live show via YouTube. He has stated that measures have been taken despite being unable to discuss the details. In addition to the acknowledgment of the social media threat, Scott has announced the two different types of security that are present at the Power Rangers convention. He has stated on Ranger Wrap Up how there is also unobvious security on site, which fans may not notice but add a greater level of protection. Here is the statement released by Scott regarding the threat seen on social media and how Power Morphicon will remain a safe convention for fans.

“I cannot give you guys’ details on that. I can say it has been taken care of, everyone involved has been notified, and spoken to. There will not be that problem at the show. On top of that, because of that, there will be additional security at the show. Meaning, to get in and out of the building is going to be a bit more difficult and that’s because of “If you want security, you get security”. You can’t have it both ways.”

Scott Zillner, Promoter for The Official Power Morphicon Convention

It may cause a bit more of a delay going between the convention hall and outside, but the measures to ensure the safety of all are vital. This added protection will ensure greater peace of mind for those skeptical due to the threat. However, since Power Morphicon has addressed the issue, fans will be able to meet and greet the amazing casts of Power Rangers without having to worry about any threats to the peace. If you do see something during the convention, then please make sure to report to security regarding anything that causes concern.

“San Diego does their security in a more covert way that you don’t see. That security at Power Morphicon as well. There is covert security and there is obvious security, so you’ll be going through an obvious security to get in. There will be obvious police officers in the building. There will be obvious police outside the building, but then there is unobvious security inside the building.”

Scott Zillner, Promoter for The Official Power Morphicon Convention

It’s fantastic that there are multiple levels of protection in place at the event, especially since many worry about the safety when a threat has been issued, even if empty. The level of protection of San Diego Comic-Con is also being implemented at the Power Rangers convention and will see that no harm will come to attendees. It was also noted that even comic con without its bag checks has rooftop snipers as unobvious security, which has enforced the last SDCC.

There clearly are many ways that cons keep the protection live even without the obvious appearance of security members. Scott has also talked about how he has previously used unobvious securities at Power Morphicons before. Here is what he stated regarding this security preference and how they mingle among the crowd.

“Unobvious Security is what I’ve been doing for years. People say “Well I’ve only seen one cop and no security” it’s like because I hired the other ones undercover. So, they were just shopping around and if you saw some guy walking around and WAS not carrying a bag full of Megazords, that was probably security.”

Scott Zillner, Promoter for The Official Power Morphicon Convention
Scott Zillner discussing everything for Power Morpicon 2022 on Ranger Wrap Up

Cosplay requirements for security and safety

Power Morphicon will have a security-enforced entry into the event, along with a bag check. Along with these comes a check for items used for cosplay, which could include the weapons seen wielded by the Rangers. As many con attendees will know, there are certain rules regarding props that must restrict and ban anything that causes concern. Although Power Rangers has a lot of weapons that aren’t like realistic arms, materials and realistic-looking props will be checked to make sure they can’t cause harm. Scott has spoken about what will be allowed into the event and stated about making sure you don’t bring anything that looks realistic.

“I’m not saying don’t bring them (Cosplay Props) but don’t bring realistic guns. If you are going to bring your Nurf Blaster 4000, alright, we know it’s a Nurf Blaster. We are going to have to knock on it and make sure it’s plastic. We don’t want anything that can actually fire a projectile, so no pellet guns or BB guns, or anything like that. You’ll have to take them back to your car. But your giant foam hammer, just piece bond it so we know it’s not full of candy apples and go on in.”

Scott Zillner, Promoter for The Official Power Morphicon Convention

Power Morphicon 2022 will be held at the Pasadena Convention Centre from August 26th to the 28th. Tickets for the event are still available and can be purchased via Tixr. For more information regarding Power Morphicon, check out the official website.

What do you think of the security for Power Morphicon? Will you be attending the event in cosplay? Have you been to Power Morphicon before and seen the unobvious security? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Morphicon news.

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