Digimon: Top 8 Rookies that deserve to be Digidestined Partners

There are many fantastic Digimon featured in the franchise but not all have been made into partners on a TV series. With so many Digimon released over the years, it’s natural that some have been left behind when new shows often add new Digimon characters. This list will compile all the great rookie Digimon that have yet to become a partner Digimon and here are the top 8 that deserves to be partnered in a series with a Tamer or Digidestined. 

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The Retaliators

The Retaliators Director Breaks Down the Hidden Truth of the Multiple Films the Film Honors

The Retaliators is a horror-inspired novella that honors the legacy of camp, with the perfect amount of Speiberg-drama, sin city gore, balanced with the direction of Tarantino, and the heart and character perception of Evil Dead. It’s simple in scale but with redeeming factors, such as a strong narrative, practical effects, and underlying morals. It’s a great time and a fun escape when the theaters are bare, waiting for blockbusters to return.

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