Incredible Zord Ascension Project Astro Megazord surprises adoring fans

Zord Ascension Project Astro Megazord

Astro Megazord was revealed to be the next release from the Zord Ascension project line. The surprise reveal was leaked on social media, showing the unexpected release to follow the release of the Mighty Morphin Dragon Zord. This Megazord was the primary Megazord and home for the Rangers of Power Rangers in Space, which is the 6th series of the franchise. Here is the full look at this new Megazord expected to be announced during Hasbro Pulse Con 2022.  

The Astro Megazord is the main Mecha and base for the Rangers in Power Rangers in Space. Formed by the Astro Megaship and Astro Shuttle, it is the first Megazord from the franchise that is used as a headquarters and a primary Megazord that isn’t formed by individual Zords of each Ranger in the core team. This was also the first base of the Rangers that wasn’t stationary, which had previously only been Zordon’s Command Center in the previous 5 seasons of the franchise.  The Astro Megaship was also used by the Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and briefly for a special mission in Power Rangers Wild Force.


The Zord Ascension Project is Hasbro’s lightning collection version for the Megazords of Power Rangers. This brought the expertise in giant robots seen by Hasbro for franchises such as Transformers. The first release from the new line was the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord from the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which is the franchise’s most iconic Mecha. This was followed by the Dragon Zord from the same series belonging to the 6th Ranger, which was expected by fans to follow. 

Zord Ascension Astro Megazord surprises fans 

The new Megazord featured in the line was unexpected by fans as many anticipated the same chronological order as seen by the franchise in the past. The expected release was more likely Titanus, the carrier Zord for season 1, or the Thunder Megazord featured in the show’s 2nd season. The new Astro Megazord will have articulation never seen for the original 1998 release and will be 37 cm in height. This Megazord will also come with his Sword and shield, along with the Astro Shuttle’s rocket booster that becomes the Megazord’s Blaster. Here are the images for the Zord Ascension Project Astro Megazord leaked on Twitter ahead of the Hasbro Pulse Con 2022. 


As seen in the show, the Astro Shuttle can be held inside the Astro Megaship and will also include the turrets that are mounted on the Zord. Just like the previous releases, there is a hidden cockpit area with sculpted Rangers inside, which can be found by lifting the chest piece of the Astro Megaship. This is the bridge of the Astro Megaship, which the Rangers control from while travelling the galaxy. There will also be 5 Ranger mini figures as a part of the set, which represent the Space Rangers outside of the Megazord.  

Zord Ascension Project Astro Megazord

It was a massive surprise from the line as many fans were expecting Mighty Morphin releases to continue dominating production slots until they ran out of options. This is likely a result from the fans wanting diversity away from the first three seasons and there was no better choice than this Megazord. It has always been a unique and highly desired Megazord, especially as it acted as the Ranger’s base during the show it appeared in. The only question now is whether the Phantom Ranger’s Delta Megaship will be next, since the Delta Megazord was able to combine with it. 

There are still some questions yet to be answered including whether the cockpit for the Megazord will be hidden in the face of the Megazord. This is because the Megazord was controlled and operated within this area. The bridge of the Megaship was only used by the Rangers during travel, operations, and non-Megazord combat in space. It will be exciting to see if there is another hidden area for this Megazord, specifically for the Astro Shuttle the Rangers use to form the Megazord’s head.  

The announcement for the Zord Ascension Project Astro Megazord is expected during the Hasbro Pulse Con 2022. This event will take place on Friday, 30th of September 2022, with the Power Rangers Brand Panel starting at 2:15 pm ET. The release for the Megazord is expected to be set in 2023, with announcements to follow for confirmation. For more information regarding the event coming this week, check out the Hasbro Pulse website using the following link

Astro Megaship, Shuttle, and Megazord as seen in the show. Plus, Astro Megaship used prop displayed at Power Morphicon.

What do you think of the Astro Megazord? Are you excited about getting the Zord Ascension Project version of this renown mecha? Is there any announcements you are hoping to hear during Hasbro Pulse Con 2022? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news. 


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