Titans Season 4: Fresh First Looks At Jinx, Brother Blood & Mother Mayhem 

Titans Season 4 released an official first look at the supervillains Jinx, Brother Blood, and Mother Mayhem.  The fourth stars an ensemble cast of characters, including many familiar faces as well as some fresh ones. Wonder Girl, Starfire, Tim Drake, Nightwing, Beast Boy & the rest of the team will return this November in order […]

The Crazy Jake The Snake And Undertaker Moment Which Caused A Lot Of Heat

WWE Jake The Snake Roberts Rick Rude

Jake “The Snake” Roberts describes the moment in his match with The Undertaker which caused him a lot of heat with WWF. It was a nice Sunday early evening on April 5, 1992, at WrestleMania VIII.  Jake “The Snake” Roberts was set to take on this hot young wrestler who went by the name The […]