Animation Is Film Festival - My Father's Dragon - Still 1

Animation Is Film Festival (2022) Review: My Father’s Dragon Is a Whimsical, Heartwarming, and Magical Adventure

One of the spotlight features of this year’s Animation Is Film Festival was easily the amazing film My Father’s Dragon. My Father’s Dragon is a new traditionally animated feature from the studio, Cartoon Saloon. Cartoon Saloon has an impeccable background, having worked on such amazing animated features as the Academy Award-nominated The Secret of Kells in 2009, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers.

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Nerdbot Studios

Nerdbot Studios brings fans live-action Medabots and Digimon in Fan-made shows

Nerdbot, the studio that brought us the fan-made Power Rangers Extended Universe has revealed the production of Digimon and Medabots live-action releases. Nerdbot Studios has produced many fans produced content for various franchises and will now bring to life two shows that have yet to have a live-action debut. Sneak previews of the shows have…

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Power Rangers Hyperforce

Power Rangers Hyperforce celebrates its 5th anniversary

The canon TTRPG series, Power Rangers Hyperforce is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The original Ranger team was produced and streamed by HyperRPG, with many fans continuing their support for this unique show. The team of 6 unique Rangers were all played by iconic stars from both the franchise and beyond. Although the series has reached this anniversary milestone, there is limited releases for the Rangers but there are many sources of content where the Hyperforce Rangers can be found.  

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