Jon Moxley Reveals Big Fear Which Led Him Into Treatment

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Jon Moxley talks about the fears which led him into rehab for alcoholism and the new perspective it gave him on life.

Jon Moxley has become the face of AEW and is the current AEW World champion. He has held the championship four times (technically three as one was an interim championship) and has held the championship more times than anyone else in AEW. Despite being on the top of the AEW world, a year ago Moxley was in a very different position in his life.

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In Oct. 2021 Jon Moxley entered rehab to seek treatment for alcoholism. He returned in January of this year and has been at the top of his game since.

In a recent interview with, Cincinnati’s favorite son, Moxley, talked about the big fear which led him to seek treatment.

“Over a year ago, I was afraid of dying of a seizure in the ring,” Jon Moxley said. “I had that on my mind every day. It was all (messed) up, and going through an absolute personal hell for a long time that nobody else even knew about. When you’re scared for your actual life, to make the decision to go to rehab and (stuff) was basically – I had to basically assume I’m giving everything away. I was like, OK, I’m either going to live a long, happy life and raise my kid and be a person, or I can wrestle. But I can’t have both.” 

Jon Moxley Returned Better Than Ever

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Since returning he has held the AEW World Championship three times with one being the Interim AEW World Championship. Jon Moxley will defend his AEW World Championship at AEW Full Gear against MJF as MJF has cashed-in his Casino Ladder match poker chip. The event will take place next Saturday, Nov. 19. It will see two of AEW’s biggest stars facing off in what will surely be an amazing match.

Wrestling is a very hard life and is very hard on the mind and body. Moxley used alcohol to manage his pain. The decision to seek treatment was difficult for him because he thought it may cost him his wrestling career and the wrestling world would see him as a loser.

“But when I got out, it turned out that nobody was mad at me at all,” Jon Moxley said. “Everybody was very happy. I was welcomed back by AEW and by the fans, and it was just like, go and get back to it. And when you’ve already lost everything, all you fear for is your life, literally and figuratively. 

If I had taken another step in the wrong direction, I could have been on the verge of losing my family if I had gone that way. If I had kept going in another direction, I could have died on live television. I could have literally lost everything. So to make that choice, I had to completely give away everything. I’ll never wrestle in this arena again, I’ll never get to wrestle in front of these fans again, I’ll never get to be on TV again, I’ll never win a championship again, I’ll never make any money again, I’ll go back and get my old job at the arena – I don’t know. I had to give it all away.

Now there’s kind of nothing to lose. What, am I gonna lose a match? Will I screw up a move? Like, what could possibly go wrong? Almost nothing. Big f’n deal. Am I alive? OK, I think it was a fine day, then.”

Still The Same Ole Moxley In The Ring

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Despite being clean and sober Jon Moxley’s in-ring style hasn’t changed a bit. He still has his brutal hard-hitting style and his authentic promo style which is overflowing with energy caged in a shell that looks to be close to bursting.


Just because Moxley is clean now, don’t think he can’t have fun in his time off. He talked about how much he loves the taste of beer and still drinks, but the beers are now non-alcoholic.

“I don’t remember exactly where I picked some up,” Jon Moxley said. “I think my wife [Renee Paquette] picked them up for me. I can’t even tell you when I first tried them, but I was like, ‘Those aren’t half-bad, actually. They actually taste pretty good.’ I think I tried a bunch of them just out of curiosity. 

I never drank beer to get (messed) up. I drank whiskey to get (messed) up. It’s not really like replacing anything for me. But as far as like a delicious beverage on a summer day after mowing the grass, it’s pretty damn good. I mentioned something in a scrum and the guy got ahold of me and they sent me a bunch of free ones.”

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It is so good to see Jon Moxley clean and sober. Too many wrestlers die way too early because of addiction and unresolved personal issues. I look forward to seeing Moxley wrestling for many years to come.

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Do you think JonMoxley has been at the peak of his wrestling career since returning? Are there any highlights you can point to since returning? Who do you think will walk out of Full Gear AEW World Champion? Do you think MJF is ready for the championship? Leave a comment and let us know who you would like to see Moxley face next whether he is champion or not.




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