KingOhger Theme Rumour Suggests Awesome Mix of Insect, Machines, and More

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has new rumors regarding the theme details for the 47th Sentai series.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has new rumors regarding the theme details for the 47th Sentai series. Combined with the Royalty theme in name, the new show has been rumored to be an insect-themed Ranger team with a twist. The show is expected to also incorporate machines and vehicles as part of the concept, which will also mix in concepts relating to isekai and magic. These rumors were recently shared on social media regarding the upcoming Sentai show for 2023. 

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is shaping up to be a fantastic series after Avataro Sentai Donbrothers finishes its run as the 46th Sentai series. Very little is known regarding the next series of Super Sentai as images and official releases have yet to be revealed. However, the Sentai fandom has gradually been collecting rumors regarding the show from sources that have proven to be highly accurate. These rumors have stated that fans can expect KingOhger to be Royal-themed rangers with insect motifs, who use coins as their gimmick, and even vehicle motif armor that be switched.  

KingOhger Rumours Suggest Blending Concepts for Themes 

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The new rumors that have been shared on social media via Rangerboard have been posted by the site’s Sentai enthusiast, Dukemon. The moderator has revealed rumors regarding the content of the show, which involve the blending of robotic insects and machines, along with a “fantasy kingdom” as part of the concept. KingOhger will also be leaning towards magic usage, much like earlier Tokusatsu shows with a tech aesthetic but with a magical source. This includes a similar vibe to the Sentai series, Gekisou Sentai Carranger, and the Metal Hero series, Juukou B-Fighter

The design of the Ranger will reflect this rumored combination and it will be so exciting to see what the Rangers will look like individually and as a group. This use of magic in a tech theme has always been a reoccurring blend as seen in many early tokusatsu shows, including Power Rangers. It’s so amazing how the possible visual is quantified by comparing Sentai shows, Kirameiger and ZyuOhger if they were mixed as it sparks an amazing idea of how these Rangers may look.  

Why does this theme sound familiar?

The isekai element to this series will be a fresh new concept never seen before in the franchise and the coin gimmick could easily be imagined to be empowering when fans cosplay the show in the future. As stated before, these are only rumors but the trending reoccurrence of rumors matching releases at the end of the year makes these rumors highly possible. Images may not appear until the start of December, but fans are getting very hyped for what this 47th Ranger team could be. Whatever has been planned, expectations are high as Bandai’s Sentai sales have increased compared to last year as reported by Dukemon.

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This proves the popularity has increased for Super Sentai, especially in the west as fans are desperate to find a way to watch the current Super Sentai series airing. Fans are hoping that Toei will recognize the popularity of Super Sentai outside of Japan and make all future releases available. Bandai’s sales are also likely to be affected by imported toy sales such as the show-accurate Memorial Edition line for various Ranger teams. This could be achieved on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll as both have shows from the Ultraman and Kamen Rider franchises. For now, there is no official way to watch the 46th Sentai series and that status is expected to continue for KingOhger too.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will be released in 2023 after the finale of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers expected during the first quarter of the new year. Images and the 1st wave of toys revealed for the 47th Ranger team are expected to debut during December. 

What do you think of this concept for KingOhger? Are you excited to see an insect, machine, and isekai-themed Ranger team? Are you looking forward to seeing the Rangers for the first time? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more information on the next Super Sentai series. 

Source: Rangerboard 

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