Review: Netflix’s Wednesday Is To Die For.

Check out our review for the Netflix original series, Wednesday.
Wednesday Netflix Review

Wednesday is a comedic horror series that has taken Netflix by storm. The Addams Family spin-off was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. If their name sounds familiar, chances are you’ve watched some of their projects.  The duo created some of my favorites, like The CW’s Smallville and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Teaming up with Gough and Millar is none other than Tim Burton, who is an executive producer and directed half of the first season.

Some of the elements that made me fall in love with Smallville are also present on Wednesday. The show is a coming of age, growing into your abilities while developing your own identity. Just like The Addams Family, Wednesday is full of dark humor that we can all relate to. 


wednesday evermore academy

After being expelled from her high school for dumping piranhas into the water polo team swim pool as revenge, Wednesday is enrolled at the Nevermore Academy. Fun Fact: Piranhas are from Brazil, like me. This school houses students known as outcasts, aka people with supernatural abilities.  Wednesday seems to be an outcast amongst outcasts, making it hard for her to show interest in her classmates. What seemed like a terrible time, and not in a good way, becomes a mission as Wednesday tries to use her newfound psychic abilities to solve a series of murders happening around town.


I tried to solve this murder along with Wednesday as the episodes progressed. I had about four suspects in my mind by the sixth episode. Small spoiler alert: There are two and I guessed one right. My fiancé and I changed our minds about three different times by the time the 7th episode came on, and by the end of it, we had a pretty clear idea of what was happening. Wednesday was really a lot of fun to watch.

I kept getting Supernatural meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer vibes, and then once I found out the same creators of Smallville created it, I could definitely get that vibe as well. The writing and directing done on Wednesday slowly build her up as the unlikely hero. One that is more concerned about catching the killer rather than the victims themselves. Fueled by a prophecy of sorts, Wednesday Addams becomes an adorable unstoppable force.


There are tons of beautifully shot scenes that just make sense when put together. We see most, if not all, of the Addams family characters. The main supporting character of the family is Thing. For being just a hand, Thing added a lot of funny moments on screen. It is amazing how the team behind the show, along with the actor, was able to bring such a “dull” character to life.

Thing really is one of the best characters of the series. Jenna Ortega is so good as Wednesday Addams, and the supporting cast does a terrific job as well, especially as the season goes on and as we get more accustomed to seeing them on screen and interacting with each other. The dance scene was phenomenal. I can’t believe Ortega choreographed all of that herself, which shows just how talented she is. I’m fully expecting to see her cast in a lot of projects because of her performance on the show. Also, a shoutout to Gwendoline Christie. She transformed into this role so well that I almost forgot that she had played Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones.

Wednesday Official Synopsis

Wednesday is expelled from her high school after dumping live piranhas into the school’s pool while the boys’ water polo team is practicing in retaliation for the team bullying her brother Pugsley. This leads her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, to enroll her in Nevermore Academy in Jericho, Vermont, a school for monstrous outcasts once attended by her parents. Wednesday’s cold, emotionless personality and her defiant nature make it difficult for her to connect with her schoolmates and cause her to run afoul of the school’s principal. However, she discovers she has psychic abilities that allow her to solve a local murder mystery.

All in all, I give Wednesday a solid 9/10. It was a great first season and I can’t wait to watch season 2. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages, click the notification bell, and check back often. We drop tons of exclusives throughout the year, Just like we did with this show. So if you enjoy it, we’ll be glad to have you in our discord channel as well. Until Next time!