Ghost Busters: Spirits Unleashed Review

The Ghost Busters franchise returns to game consoles in a new co-op-based Call of Duty style third-person format.

Ghost Busters: Spirits Unleashed is a dream come true for classic Ghost Buster, allowing fans to bust a bunch of ghosts together with 3 of their friends. The game’s goal is to bust ghosts so the NPC background characters don’t get frightened, a simple yet perfect premise for a Ghost Busters game. Unfortunately, the game falls short of the promise of a fun co-op ghost-busting adventure and its simplistic premise. Spirits Unleashed feels and looks fun as you start the game, but as you move through the levels and fight through the selection of ghosts it just starts to feel more and more unsatisfying. The repetitive nature, with little to no mechanic changes and no real stakes, makes the game feel like it’s dragging on. However, in those times when you’re amidst a battle with your friends surrounded by ghosts, there is fun, it feels like a ghostbuster’s game.

Game Mechanics